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March 2021 Blog Posts (203)

New Album And Book From Suca

Suca Of Suca Music Releasing ‘LOST IN A MAZE’

Ann Arbor, Michigan - Artists are always creating music and art that resonates with the people. The mark of a talented artist is being able to invoke all the right feelings in your listeners. Suca, from Suca Music, is one of these artists.

Romantics who have a need for music that truly describes the depth of their feelings will love Suca’s music. She makes music for the sensuous, the sexy,…


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Majix - "Remastered"

The facets of music and its ever-evolving nature have given rise to a new breed of artists and musicians. Majix (pronounced magic) are a R&B/Hip-Hop duo that are leaders in the new school of contemporary artists and they are constantly pushing the envelope and are perfectly poised to change the status quo of a male dominated hip hop scene.…


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Introducing Rising indie record label The House of Léon

Rising indie record label The House of Léon has major plans for the Spring!  The label currently comprises 3 rising pop singers, Alia a female vocalist, composer and producer, Nigerian Afro-pop performer Moonbwoi Epik and the label's flagship artist and CEO Samuélli Léon have all been working on new material that they plan to release all…

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[Exclusive] Helmet Rapper Von-T Releases Hit Single "Extra Up" Video Which Ranks #4 On Vevo Official Playlist

"Extra Up" is a song about doing everything extraordinary!

"Extra Up" if you are only feeling average with Von-T "Extra Up"

Vevo just added "Extra Up" today to the official playlist of artist to

watch this year ranked #4 out of #49 because of its trending status.…


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Optimistic Gangsta - "Different Colors"

Optimistic Gangsta just dropped a hot new EP titled "Different Colors". Check it out below and follow him on social media for his latest releases.…


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Yung Margi - "VIP"

Yung Margi is a rapper from Queens New York. His biggest inspiration is Nas, and even though Margi takes inspiration from other post modern artists, his original inspiration comes from Nas. He wants to just be able to take his mom out of the hood, and pay her bills, that’s his dream. Check out Yung Margis hot new single…


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MaxiMilien to Release New EP 'Grand Tourer'


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Paul BornaStar Takes It “Outside” With A New Hit

When Texas-based rapper/producer Paul BornaStar speaks, the people listen. With a commanding presence on every track, he steps out with a style that doesn’t go unnoticed. After being…


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Coldminded Jewelz - "Why I Do It"

Broward county Florida native Antoine Jewell has been taking the rap industry by storm through his confident lyrical delivery and unmatched sound quality. Going by the stage name “Coldminded Jewelz", the entertainer has nothing to lose and everything to give on his plight to success. Starting back in…


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Yungsta Guap Drops New Single "Why They Mad" ft. Duke Deuce

Yungsta Guap has been seen major highway billboards throughout Atlanta. The Arkansas native has the attention of 1017 Records, the IG Reposted the behind the scenes footage of the “Why They Mad” video.

Check out the new single right…


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Sic Vicious - "White Lighter"

What do you call music that seamlessly blends the power of rock with the upbeat essence of hip-hop? Leaving the audience fully stunned with his complex meshing, artist Sic Vicious has arrived on the scene to dictate his command on all. The rapper draws influence from versatile sounds to create his original line that aptly reflects his powerful musicality. In a busy musical landscape, the artist’s stylish and edgy vocals work their magic to hook the attention and quickly project the…


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Poet of the Nations - Blackspeare Creates Magic with Hip Hop and Soul Musical Compositions

With tracks that inspire, enthral, and excite, budding artist and composer Blackspeare is on the right track towards success and acclaim as he continues to produce one hit single after another in the genres of Hip Hop and Rap

Birmingham, AL  - March 13th, 2021 - Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Blackspeare is a true sensation when it comes to dynamic and unique Rap and Hip-Hop music. From his stunning beat-boxing abilities that he…


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Melding and Mixing Exciting Rap and Reggae Compositions: Presenting to the World Lorenzo White (Londysruckus)

Creating enthralling tracks one after another, the talented Londysruckus is all set to become the next multi-genre sensation with memorable Hip Hop, Latin, and R&B compositions that highlight personal struggles with stunning scores

Brooklyn, NY - March 15th, 2021 - Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Lorenzo White "LONDYSRUCKUS"  is on the very front of today’s stunning independent musical sensations. The iconic powerhouse of talent is…


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Charlee Bravo - "Behavior"

Charlee Bravo is an American rapper, singer, songwriter. Charlee who's real name is Christopher Brown was born in Detroit, Mi January 25th and began…


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90’s Street Style Inspired Electronic, Hip Hop, and Soul Music

This new artist is set to make a mark with his distinct style

Toronto, Ontario – March 19th 2021 – For most people, their music taste experiences drastic shifts and changes as they enter new life phases. For this artist, however, the story is a little different and unique. The story of the solo artist, Loc'in On The Shaw, goes back to his early teens, back in '89, when American rapper Tone Loc's album, 'Loc'ed after Dark' came out. This album…


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Introducing the Indie Hip-Hop Artist, Sachey

Check Out Sachey’s Hot and Trending Hip-Hop Music

Columbia, Tennessee  – The artist describes himself in six words – “Stylish — Always — Courageous — Hustler —Earning — Yearly." Hence, he came up with his artist name, Sachey. Sachey is a hip-hop rapper who leverages his indelible, life-threatening experiences to write grade A trap music.

Sachey’s biggest hit till now is "…


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Crafting Divinity with Soulful and Stunning Progressive Rock Compositions: Presenting to the World Enki Thing

Imbuing stunning and Soulful and Progressive Rock compositions with a memorable artistic feel and striking lyrics, Enki Thing are on the route to becoming the next best thing to come out of the genre.

Mée, France - March 6th, 2021 - Budding singers, songwriters and musicians, Enki Thing are a true and authentic powerhouse of talent when it comes to Progressive Rock and Rock music. The band of 4 musicians who describe themselves as…


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Zack Knight, British-Asian singer-songwriter with over 2M YouTube subscribers, releases new single, EGO

London-based singer and music producer, Zack Knight, just released "Ego," a song about a toxic relationship.

Stream Zack Knight - "Ego":


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DJ Rick Reed Unveils His Latest Single, “Rest Stop”

Check Out DJ Rick Reed’s New Funky Instrumental Single

Yonkers, New York - DJ Rick Reed grew up surrounded by the fun and upbeat tunes of hip-hop songs. Although he went on to work in the stock market for nearly two decades, his love for hip-hop simmered within him. He finally decided to pursue music professionally after learning music production at the Centre for the Media Arts. Today, he is busy…


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Reviving Dayvid Releases New Single, “Stronger”

Listen to Reviving Dayvid’s Latest Release for Inspiring Tunes

Tennessee – Reviving Dayvid is a band that aims to create a powerful music movement to win the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. The band has had countless performances where they earned the respect and admiration of listeners for their songs full of optimism and spirit.…


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