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March 2021 Blog Posts (203)

Up and Coming Dancehall Reggae Artist Makes Listeners Groove With Style

Sway to the versatile beats of Sauce Perreler's latest music and watch it make you dance along! Stream the latest singles now!

Gwynn Oak, Maryland — March 2021 —  Music made with love strikes the heart's chords. Sauce Perreler, born in Cowley District, is a rising, new-age Dancehall Reggae artist. He has made a considerable impact in the Dancehall music industry with his refreshing pieces.

He first emerged in the Dancehall industry,…


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TRINI BOI born timothy joshua chadee started doing music at the age of 11 . This born musical genius was inspired by the late Tupac Shakur, an RNB . the king of the City has dropped numerous Hits, interviews, an has been behind some of the biggest hits on billboards, an brands. With a large fanbase,an calculated moves this artist has been loved…


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Bass DAlingo's new release B.D.A.Lingo inspirational song for all up and coming entrepreneurs

The Dark Knight of NYC returns with another song

New York – March 26th, 2021 – Singer and songwriter Bass DAlingo is a man of multiple skills and interests. The entrepreneur/ hip hop artist raps about a range of topics centered around personal growth. In that vein, the artist is all set to release a new track, "B.D.A Lingo," on March 25th. Based on self-improvement, the lyrical content of this composition is very feel-good and will inspire…


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Meet The Southern Hip Hop Savior Nony1

Prepare To Know The Uplifting Artist Nony1

Athens, Georgia - You are never too old to pursue your passions. While the world can feel like a difficult place, seizing the opportunities that present themselves is part of what makes life worth living. Upcoming artist Nony1 is seizing his opportunity with both hands.

Nony1, which is short for Anonymous One, is an upcoming Rap and Hip Hop artist based in Athens, Georgia. The artist has…


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Kim Cage Riley Enthralls Audience With Sensational Jazz and R&B Fusions

Creating memorable musical compositions of the Soul, Jazz and R&B genres, the multi-talented Kim Cage Riley is all set to fire up her musical talents in a range of exciting and striking musical tracks spanning across different genres

Grayson, GA - March 15th, 2021 - Up-and-coming musical sensation Kim Cage Riley is on the right track towards success and acclaim as she showcases her brilliance and multi-genre talents. The stunning and…


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Singer Elisabeth Grey Just Wants Her Listeners To Smile

Growth, life lessons, and plenty of relaxation is in store

Harderwijk, Gelderland Netherlands – March 26th, 2021 – Singer/songwriter Elisabeth Grey is challenging the notion of old age and the limits of living one's dream. The artist has dared to do what few people her age even fathom as possible: following her dream of recording an album. Aged fifty-five, Elisabeth defying all musical convention, has released a new single,…


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Nyke Ness - "Vici"

Rising artist Nyke Ness is back with a hot new project titled "Vici". Check it out below and follow him on social media for his latest releases.…


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The ZYG 808 Releases a Boom-Bap Blended with Trap and Emceeing Masterpiece Hip Hop Project, "BEAT LOUNGE NOTES"

An introduction to the land of Southcoast Thump & Soul. The ZYG 808 brings that boom bap, with a taste of trap, and he's a straight up Emcee, 'cause he does more than rap. Beats made from…


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#Musicmoney catches up with DJ Tint to hear more on his new release Altered Motives

Where are you from?

Dj Tint, from Quebec, Canada.


How would you describe your sound?

My sound best describes itself as wavy, funky melodies with big trap drums and bass!


Tell us about your latest track...

My latest…


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“Growing up I listened to a lot of gospel music and MJ” #musicmoney x @_devland

Where are you from? 

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, but moved to Wembley in NW London.

Describe your sound: 

Hip-Hop/Rap with some elements of RnB.

Tell us about your latest track: 

The latest tracks New…


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KeyNotes ft. Drake - "All These People"

Fresh off his platinum success with his break out record “Buss It Down” Ft Da Baby and Petey Pablo currently at OVER 2 million streams, KeyNotes is back with an assist from Champagne Papi as they release “All These People” from his highly anticipated upcoming album. Check out this hot new joint below and…


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This Young Phenomenon Is Ready To Conquer It All

Young sensation Sa$ha Lee, rapper and artist, has an important message for all

Charlotte, North Carolina – March 29th, 2021 – Six-year-old Sa$ha Lee Simmons is making waves with her passion for singing and performance. The young rapper recorded a seven-song album titled 'Paint the World' during the pandemic last year. Having also co-written the album, the young performer’s motivation was to paint the world through music. The Album ‘Paint the…


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Go Friends Streaming Network and More!

*Great New Streaming Site for Film Makers, Actors, Artists and More!
Family, Friends and Supporters, please check out the New Go Friends Streaming Network for your enjoyment as well as marketing and networking possibilities.…

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Don Tocabajo Is Back With A New EP

“Signs” By Don Tocabajo Releasing March 15!

Heidelberg, Baden - Wuerttemberg, Germany - Music is nothing without passion. The best bands created music that they were incredibly passionate about. If there’s anything this award-winning artist has, it is passion.

Don Tocabajo is an artist that is redefining genres and music. His ideas for music are unlike what has been thought about in the industry before. The artist doesn’t conform to a…


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New Music On The Way, DCizco Talks New Album #WeCoolYouAreNot

DCizco is a Latin artist that is Peru-based and is rising after his releasing his album, #WeCoolYouAreNot. Back in 2010 the artist started writing music and since has been on his music journey. He was working as a HVAC Technician at the time and used his income to fund the music…


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Wilson Park (1984) is the latest offering from rapper Icy Bro founder and CEO of Lucky Mushroom

It’s an homage to the neighborhood where Icy cut his rap teeth; his hometown,Wilson Park, is a Baltimore neighborhood that knew hip hop before hip hop knew money.

Frankfurt am Main, Hesse , Germany - The rapper ironically left Baltimore City in 1985 to join the armed forces and the second verse of the song was written in 1984! Icy Bro has not changed a single lyric in the song and it stands as a testimony not…


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Exhilarating Folk and Acoustic Storytelling with Uncle Barnaby’s ‘Better World’

The Vietnam veteran turned musician combines emotionally-rich chronicles from his past in his new album

Denver, Colorado – March 30, 2021 – To be aware of the world we live in, the world we fight for, and the world we continue to hold close to our hearts, all of these factors combined create the concept of Uncle Barnaby’s new album ‘Better World’

Vocalist, singer-songwriter, and Folk artist…


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It's Gorgeous Musique presents The Ice Box

In these challenging times, artists are facing increasing challenges when it comes to choosing real-world venues to showcase their talents and remain compliant with all of the safety guidelines while gaining new fans and expanding their creative reach. Now enter …


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Vonte Write - "Hilary $wank"

Rising artist Vonte Write is back with 2 new hot singles titled "Hilary $wank" and "Wmr" (where's my roach?). Check out his latest work below and follow him on social media for his new music.…


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Get ready for the biggest fight of 2021!  On March 31st you are all welcome to witness the soon to be legendary Rap Battle between two heavy weights in the Underground Hip Hop Battle Circuit, Booka Vs. Flip!  The battle will air live on the The J-0 Podcast, hosted by Jordan "J-0" Hunter himself.   Winner takes all, no…


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