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Featured Blog Posts – March 2020 Archive (9)

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Lucia Cole - "The Emancipation Of Lucia Cole"

Lucia Cole was originally a catfish pop star using Jessica Simpson songs, and was widely known across ATRL, Lipstick Alley and Tumblr blog Pop Culture died in 2009. She has now returned with new face and voice with an upcoming EP “Lucia” set to release 3/31. She…


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Raashid Muhammad - "Star" ft. FranktikTheGod

Rising hip-hop artist Raashid Muhammad has maintained his craze amongst the fans by releasing new tracks based on hip hop and rap. Well, this artist has started his journey in the…


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3+1 - "Alive" ft. TonyB.

Inspired by the era of technical revolution and the first space flights, which is reflected in the visual aesthetics of our art, we understand that humanity can only reach the stars and rush into the future by uniting for real, rejecting the remnants of the past like enmity, violence, intolerance. We want…


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Mobb Marley is On The Rise


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Sung Eun Choi - "Let Me Stop"

Follow On IG: @sungeunchoigo

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J.Walker of TLD - "Some More" (IV Depression) ft. Macklyn

Following the death of his Father in May 2019 J.Walker of (TLD) took a break from recording to…


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New York's Based Artist Arik Divine Releases His New Video "Smoke With Me"

New york recording artist Arik Divine releases his lead single "Smoke with me" 

Arik Divine has undeniable talent, drive and passion for making ‘good’ music. Arik Divine is on radar to becoming a upcoming star in the music industry.

Over the next few months he plans on releasing other entertaining…


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Paris Corleone - "Ferris Wheel"


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