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February 2011 Blog Posts (12)

Justice Department Fails To Act In Shooting of Black Children by Alleged North Carolina Racist

By Scotty Reid

Here we are in 2011, two years after the incident and Eric Holder’s and Obama’s Justice Department has yet to charge this monster with a hate crime under federal statutes. One must also ask why North Carolina considers hate crimes based on ethnicity to only be a misdemeanor offence.

Caswell County is under the The United… Continue

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The Importance of Creating a Black Talk Radio Network for the Global Black Community

“Celebrating what would’ve been Dr Martin Luther King‘s 82cd birthday and in doing so we should all be mindful of the power of his words. We should be mindful of King’s words as we continue to dialogue about what sort of responsibility those who speak to the public have especially via broadcast medium.

In 1967, Dr. King delivered a rare and powerful speech in Atlanta to NATRA (National Association of Television and Radio Announcers). The members of this important African American… Continue

Added by Scotty Reid on February 25, 2011 at 1:19am — 4 Comments

The African Union May Send Troops To Libya

By Scotty Reid

The African Union has condemn the violent crackdown on protestors seeking regime change in the north African nation of Libya which has been ruled by Muammar al-Gaddafi, since he rose to power through a military coup in 1969.

After popular movements overturned the governments of Dictators in Tunisia and Egypt, both of which borders Libya…

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Man on a mission

Hip-hop artist Knowa (pronounced: Noah) is on a mission. He makes music not just to entertain, but to educate, enlighten, and inform. While this is a growing trend in the music industry, "conscious music" (as it's been dubbed) is surprisingly absent from both the historical archives of music and from today's public airwaves. With a foundation in urban music, where decidedly "unconscious" themes of violence, illicit drugs, and sex seem to run more rampant than in other genres, conscious music… Continue

Added by knowa(noah) on February 23, 2011 at 1:06pm — No Comments

Voice of America Website Hacked By Iranian Cyber Army?

By Scotty Reid

The Voice of America website was hacked on Tuesday afternoon by individuals claiming to represent the Iranian Cyber Army. When clicking on a Google News link to a VOA story titled "Chicago Votes for Mayor, Obama Advisor Leads Polls", instead of being taken to the news article, websurfers saw a screen with a message to Secretary of State Hillary… Continue

Added by Scotty Reid on February 22, 2011 at 4:19pm — 1 Comment

Have The Scott Sisters Lost Their Damn Minds?

In what may turn out to be a public relations nightmare, The Scott sisters Jamie and Gladys had front row seats to a statutory rape trial in Lexington, Mississippi. Their attorney Chokewe Lumumba is representing Terry Gibson, an ex-high school security guard who stands accused of statutory rape in which two of the four alleged victims are his very own daughters.

Sponsored in part by:…


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Black Talk Radio Yesterday, Today & Beyond

Black Talk Radio Yesterday, Today & Beyond

What is Black Talk Radio? Quite simply it is a phrase that has been around since the first radio station was created that featured Black disk Jockey’s spinning records featuring Black Music artist primarily for a Black listening audience.

Listen to Podcast

According to Urban Radio Nation:

“America's first black radio station with an all Black on- air staff that programmed Black…

Added by Scotty Reid on February 20, 2011 at 8:35pm — No Comments

Independent Online Black Radio Stations

New media technology has afforded an opportunity for Black online radio producers to create online Radio stations through collaboration. This is an opportunity for meaningful voices discussing meaningful topics to be heard by wider audiences and an opportunity to bring meaningful music to the masses in an effort to eliminate the economic and mental control that corporations hold over Black people.

As written in the…

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Fredrick Douglass was not Your Modern Day Black Republican - Black History

Listen to Podcast

Fredrick Douglass was born a slave, educated himself, freed himself and went on to become one of the greatest African-American freedom fighters. He used his intellect to outsmart slavers and was a part of the Underground Railroad which worked to help fugitive enslaved Africans escape to the north and freedom.

Fredrick Douglass was also associated with the Abolitionist movement and it was Douglass who… Continue

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Robert Williams - Negroe with a Gun - Black History

photo: John H. Williams/ITVS


As Africa and Arab nation rebel against their oppressors, some, not many, are asking if the black community is prepared to rebel against the oppression, enslavement and brutality that it still faces in America. Right wing extremist and their House Negroes continue to assault the Black community with coded and not so coded racist propaganda. They are openly hostile to a black President who has…

Added by Scotty Reid on February 16, 2011 at 9:30am — No Comments

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