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Unsigned and Indepdent Artists Expand Their Brands!

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Sean Felder XS distributor,how can my youtube videos be posted on your site,increase my views.Look at Sean Felder XS Promotions,been doing this 10 years.I got one cute XS interveiw with MS V TV Promotions that's over 69,000 veiws.Debuted Sept 5th 2015 from St Louis,Missouri. It's called(Ms V TV Interveiws Sean Felder XS Energy Drinks)

What exactly would you like to do Sir. I would love to assist you.


If you watch that video with lovely MS V TV,I talk about the ups and downs of being a Black enterprenuer,my beef with Amway when I was former IBO,how I did shows with past mentors DJ Big Cal,late AD the General with Elegant Hoodness industry generals.Go to and watch historic interveiw.What's the cost to post my video on your site?

My new website is htpps;// ok?I just name Asian model Adrienne J,2020 XS Model Of Year

Myself,PR wants to congradulate XS Model of Jan 2021 Blaque Beauty of Seattle,Washington.Check her out on my new site,htpps;// ok?

Can you tell me more about this? I am a publicist and run an entertainment media and public relations boutique and an e-zine. Here is my email:

HI Aaris,
I have several public access slots in NYC and NJ. I air music videos and short films on there and keep content in rotation. 

Would love to learn more. |

We have shows that broadcast on public access in NYC (Bronxnet, MNN, Queens cable and more) Also in Newark NJ, Bergen County, Morris County and beyond. 

If you would like your videos (live, edited, documentaries etc...) broadcast, you can send them and we will edit them in. We will also upload the shows on social media sites.

Send videos to

If you send links, it will delay the processing.

Let me know if you have any questions.


UBO Entertainment said:

Would love to learn more. |

How can I get my artist video posted?

On the site, just go to videos, add video, paste the embed code or the link.

To get it played on cable TV in NY/NJ and beyond please see the description above. Just send the videos to

Detran said:

How can I get my artist video posted?

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