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Will You Marry Me by Kamal Imani
A beautiful blend of romance, dance/house music and spoken word poetry.

This is the new engagement song which is also perfect to play at the wedding reception. This song is all about proposing to your soulmate. It's the perfect gift and aide for a proposal as well. It's a smooth dance/house/electro beat with nice poetics

I wanted to make some contemporary wedding music that young people can relate to and which would enhance wedding receptions. Something for DJ's to be able to put on and get the party started and the people moving!

Kamal Imani


Come here for a second, I think we need to talk, Can we take a little walk?
I just want you to know that. In my life you're a blessing. You taught me a lot of lessons and what I'm trying to say is... we've been through a lot together right? And now I'm ready to pop the question and that question is...
Will you marry me? Will You marry me?

We can plan for an abundant life
For you I'll pay any price. Any price.
I'll do anything for you.
I'll keep the fatih and sacrifice
So what I'm hoping you will do is.
Please take this ring and let be your king.

Will you marry me?
Will you marry me?

Available on
Itunes 4/19/11

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