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A Short Story of Family, Struggle, Anguish, Within the Code of the Street, Which is Killed by Any Means Necessary"!
The Story Begins with "Jessie Hughes", An Inspiring Hip Hop Artist & Poet, Who Comes from a Loving Family & Is Mentored by His Step Father, "Omar Jordan", an Ex Hustler, Turned "Street Minister", Who Protects Jessie as If He was His Own Flesh & Blood.
On the Other Side of the Coin & Story, You have "Solomon Malone aka DJ Prophet", a Prodigy DJ & Music Producer, Who with the Help of His Big Brother & Once Musical Superstar, "David Malone aka DJ Incredible" is Destine for Super Stardom. Unfortunately, Their Lives & Goals are Dramatically Altered, by a Neighborhood Gang, Feared by All & Echoed in the Streets as "The Fallen", Who Led by the Infamous "K Caine" are Seeking Everyone Whom They Could Devour.
Will Jessie & Solomon, Ever Find Their Way Back to Peace & Success, After Rebelling and Denying the Gang Life?

The Streets are Safe No More & Everything Goes Down, "Under the Streetlight".

Written, Directed & Edited by the Same Creator of the You Tube Classic,
"Brick City Boys"
New Jersey's Own, Mr. Tony James

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Comment by Bless the Mic! on November 18, 2012 at 11:23pm

Great look and feel. I have to finish watching. Thanks for sharing!  Peace  Kamal

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