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He's Worthy of Your Praise! Gospel House Music

He’s Worthy of Your Praise!
Yo, this game that they’re playing out here
Aint all that’s it’s cracked up to be
The enemy got us chasing things that are temporary
I seen many people that I know and love dearly
Rob, cheat and lie
But they wasn’t able to take none of it with them when they died
What was their legacy? And what is yours gonna be?
Let’s live and love each other while we’re here
Cause love and happiness is the real victory!
So be righteous, do you, but don’t forget to give thanks in these trying days
God will bless you
And he’s worthy of your praise!

Yo, I ain’t never said I was perfect, but I’m thankful enough to know -that the ancient of days
Gave me another day
To love, work, pray and play.
To attempt to make a better way
For myself and my people
So I’m always thankful, cause every day above ground is a blessed day
and I…. know that I ain’t where I want to be, but at least I ain’t where I was
I mean, God didn’t have to put none of us on this planet
But we walk around here ungrateful taking him for granted.
So, when the storms come. I don’t panic.
Cause I know there just tests
And as long as I have breath
I know I’m blessed
So stop being depressed and be thankful that you’re here today
Thank the Creator for life
Cause he’s worthy of your praise!
Kamal Imani Emanuel ©2013 TOATS
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