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Keneisha Fairley is from a small town called Lumberton Mississippi she was born on March 14, 1984. During Junior High and High School she began her career in music by joining Choir organizations where she learned how to record, produce and write. Bred in the churches of Mississippi, soulstress K'neisha first honed her skills playing the piano and singing in her church's choir. From there she started from a small corner in her garage recording her own material, but K'neisha has a big sound thats getting out there in the world. Right now people in her corner of the map are starting to know her name and she is getting booked to perform across her home state.

Take a listen to K'neisha's song "Countdown" that's garnering shows throughout Mississippi for is wildly danceable track and great lyrics. K'neisha is in the beginnings of work with more well known producers and engineers in Atlanta, Georgia that are helping mold her sound. But until then she is pushing material she crafted in her own garage that's been remastered.

Join us in bringing K'neisha to the masses, where your mind will be wherever you desire and your heart will beat harder and faster than ever before. If you can't relate just use your imagination!!! 



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