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Versvs started his journey from his hometown of Calgary in Canada in the summer of 2018. As a child he had always shown an affinity towards music. But the ambition really solidified in his teenage years. He finally gathered the courage to actively engage in music. And thus, Versvs happened. His style is authentic and very different to what we are used to seeing from other artists from his genre, for which he credits his setbacks in life and the lessons he has learned from them.

After the start of his career in 2018, he surprised the world and encountered success with his music and as he opened for artists Tyga. Over his run as a rapper he has worked with many artists like: Royce Da 5’9, King Los, Futuristic, KXNG Crooked, and Hi-Rez.

He puts everything into his music. His verses are plucked from his blood, his sweat, his tears, his pulse, and put onto a paper to be performed. It is all authentic, as authentic as he can be. Versvs bringing everything that is going on in my life out onto the paper and then booming through a speaker. He also stated that the thought of making music is what catapults him into action and turning his dreams into a reality.


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