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This story with Sandra Bland, is so disturbing and heartbreaking to me. I am from Canada and I have witnessed cars switch lanes without signaling before and though it is a dangerous act, it was not worth a arrest, it is worth no more than a ticket and a couple points taken off at most. To make matters worse, she was found dead in her cell and they had a nerve to take a picture of her while she was dead and play it off like we are stupid. We've witnessed and saw enough of this bullshit to know better than to believe she took her own life. What kind sick person would even want to take a picture of a dead person and post it talking about her mug shot. That is disturbing on so many levels that she had to be exploited like this after death. It is so sad that it could be any of us, trying to make our dreams come true and live the best life possible for our family and we have to be walking on seashells to avoiding getting killed by a force that is supposed to serve and protect their citizens?

& so many wonder why no body wants to call the cops when shit hits the fan because though there may be a few good cops out there who actually wants to help, there are more crooked cops and they are overshadowing the good cops. Makes me cringe when you see a police car drive by because you aren't sure if the cop in that car is going to be the cop responsible for taking your life. I don't see how these humans think they could play God and hide behind the government system. The government system will only protect them so much until they have to face the man upstairs and then what are they gonna say?

It is not up to them to decide when somebody's life should end and the fact that they are still doing this despite all of the advanced technology shows that they do not care and have no respect for the taxpayers that pay their wages. Especially the ones of color, I was never born in the days where racism originated from but I never understood what they had against black people. We are people to, we pay taxes to and we contribute to different aspects of the world in different ways. We are all just people and this type of behavior should not be tolerated. No body in this world ASKED to be here, no body asked to be conceived into this world and they shouldn't have to feel like they don't fit because white people (some not all) have a stereotype in their head of black people because guess what a white stereotype is being built at the moment if there hasn't been one already. This world should belong to THE PEOPLE they people who help make this world go around, the people who work their asses off to contribute taxes and the people who are ambitious and works hard for the things they own.
Nobody should be afraid to live their life to the fullest because of the rules of the government, why aren't we allowed to be as great as the white man? What has he done different that makes him so special? The only between Tom and Jamal is the color of their skin. If Tom goes off to Harvard and graduates with honors everybody will know but no body will know that Jamal was Valedictorian of his whole class and that's wrong and disgusting. God is watching this in disappointment and disgust I believe because anybody would. You get so sad when you lose a family member to death, but then you think about how they've been saved from this corrupted world, when all they want to do is push us down when they should be lifting us up! We went through enough as a nation and we should finally be seeing some better days, they wanna go backwards and pull race cards and they have the police officers acting a fool in public.

Don't be afraid to live in your truth regardless of the corruption around you, I believe we do have the power to overcome this, we just have to continue to think positive, keep God on our side, in our hearts and know exactly what you want to achieve. Don't let the petty things distract you and focus on the positive future you want.

Rest In Peace to all of those whose lives were stripped of them in the hands of the government, the police force and society. We all sit here demanding justice for somebody that was killed by a police officer but then we STILL have our people killing each other, the people who kill off their kind don't even realize they are making it easier for them to criticize us and look at us as less.

We have to do better & Know that, regardless of what platform you have, do NOT allow the evilness suck you in and let you forget that everyday is a battle. You are not invincible.

& for all the families that were cheated justice by the justice system.. God has your justice in his hands, Believe in Him, he sees all.

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