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TONIGHT @ 7PM EST / 6PM CST. . . "Conversations" with Robyne Marie . . .Spiritual Medium


Robyne Marie . . . MTV's Spiritual Medium RETURNS to 'inner child r...

~ presents ~






'conversations' with . . .

Robyne Marie


Spiritual Medium

~ of ~



Inner Child Radio


Robyne Marie is deemed “The Boston Ghost Magnet”. Clairvoyant since age 4, she experienced

direct contact with the world beyond, precognitive dreams and astral projection. The spirits have

walked with her throughout her life.


Honored for her gift as a “remote viewer”, she has given leads to detectives and police on cold

cases nationally, earning her critical acclaim for her accuracy. She tests at the high 90 percentile

of correctness, which is rare. Certified in Parapsychology, she has lectured on various topics

within the paranormal and metaphysical field, recently being noted for her work on paranormal

photo analysis. Robyne is degreed in Behavioral Psychology and has a background in working

with victims of crime and persons of special needs. Her work experience lends to the gentleness

of her readings and non-judgmental guidance she offers her clientele.


Join us . . .

'conversations' with . . .

Robyne Marie

Spiritual Medium


~ of ~




Monday, March 7th, 2011

7 PM until 9 PM . . .Eastern Standard Time

6 PM until 8 PM . . . Central

5 PM until 7 PM . . . Mountain

4 PM until 6 PM . . . Pacific


for all other Non US times use this Time Conversions Tool Below


Come and Join Us at Inner Child Radio

Celebrating the Divine 'inner child'



"BE" Empowered . . . "BE" Enlightened . . . "BE" Embraced


Thank you my Beloved Friends

Blessings and Love to You

just bill

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