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Talented Artist Killahbee Drops Much Anticipated New Single “2 Atlanta"

Talented Tampa Born Artist - Killahbee Drops New Sizzling Hot Single “2 Atlanta” Available On All Streaming Platforms


Super talented Tampa-born artist - Killahbee drops his highly anticipated single "2 Atlanta". The iconic new single is set to be available on all streaming platforms.


2 Atlanta is a party record, "If you're not from Atlanta, this song will hit home. Made with a unique beat that cannot be ignored, "2 Atlanta" will undoubtedly entertain and impact heavily on its listeners.


Killahbee is a Tampa-born artist who is highly talented and has been drawn to music right from a young age. Despite all that transpired in his life, he has always found his way back to making music. Killahbee has worked with and done collaborations with some amazing artists in the past and that has been attributed to his growth in the music industry.


While focusing on affiliate marketing and taking his brand to another level, Killahbee has invested and opened his studio - DeadlySeedz Management Entertainment and is currently the host of Da Bee Hive 93 where he interviews numerous buzzing artists, club promoters, CEOs, and many more. Having successfully taught himself to engineer his music, Killahbee has added music engineering to his skill set.


Da Bee Hive 93, a podcasting networking platform and one of Killahbee’s latest projects go live throughout Atlanta at different buzzing clubs. Da Bee Hive 93 was created by Killahbee to give up-and-coming artists and starting companies a platform to sell their services and get themselves known at a very affordable price of $25.


At Da Bee Hive, Killahbee guarantees an amazing time spent and networking for any artist who cannot afford the luxury of paying thousands of dollars for an interview. Killabee affirms that Da Bee Hive 93 is for the culture and supports artists and start-up companies who need exposure for their brands. 


Killahbee is currently pushing his latest album Zooma mind-blowing album that is immersed in great tunes and an explosion of scintillating lyrical goodness. Killahbee also has a sensational mixtape Lansing that is out on YouTube alongside his album. Killahbee is known to make buzzing tracks that resonate with his listeners and his album and mixtape is a duo that truly highlights his musical prowess.

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