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Unsigned and Indepdent Artists Expand Their Brands!

These cosmopolitan siblings have shared a life-long love of a wide variety of musical genres from Classical, through West African Hi-Life, through Madonna to Michael Jackson, all smothered with lashings of smooth 90’s R&B - The staple diet of many an adolescent back then, I can vouch for that!

SYBS consists of Dobi and Yugy. Yugy Is the mastermind behind the production and the composition of the music and Dobi is the songstress who laces her sweet lyrics over the beats her brother makes. Together they make a formidable pair. Two siblings connected by birth and blessed with a talent to create something beautiful from nothing.

The concept is diversity. As previously mentioned, as kids growing up, there were many musical influences to be absorbed that would only seek to reveal themselves when the duo decided to make music together. They wanted to fully bring out those sounds in anything they decided to put their name to and we think they’ve succeeded diligently. The track is very current and set for not just the R&B/Afrobeat charts but for the commercial pop charts too, as it has that crossover appeal that will attract other listeners to it from perhaps other genres because of its inoffensive nature and pleasant, ‘happy’, upbeat, dancefloor-friendly nature.

“We want to connect to people with love and build a community around our music and outlook on life.” – a very strong statement and one that is often banded about but in the case of SYBS, they are qualified to see the world through different eyes because they are jetsetters. They regularly move some of the biggest cities in the world – namely London, New York and Los Angeles, so they know about trends, they know about flavours and what’s hot and what’s not, and who are we to disagree?

“If in some small way we can inspire others to pursue what they are passionate about in life, then we feel we would have done something meaningful”

‘Flex on The Beat’ is released on Nov 16th.

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