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Songs by Ruth's latest single, "Bring It On" to be released on September 10th, 2021. It is deep, raw, emotionally, and uplifting. Like many creators, Ruth uses personal challenges, trials, and trouble to create art. The songs by Ruth collection started as a way to cope with her struggles. Ruth's collection grew into a medium to empowers others.

In the single "Bring It On," Ruth finds herself tackling the balance of relationship and responsibility in a woman's life. Ruth believes not to shy away from life but, "Bring It On." Women bring love in all they do, and it will show in workmanship! Ruth said: "One just needs a little touch from love."

Things that created dark shadows go. Things that push her to have to say; "I was wounded, but hey, ey Every woman has cried a few tears." Cried for our desires and our cares. "Some days it's hard to play but Bring it, bring it, bring it on. Whatever happens, I'll still be able to go on, So bring it, bring it, bring it on, step by step I'll climb, climb and climb".

Ruth also said: "I'll move slowly till I find myself, Being fine, getting things done alone, Girl power on its own. "

Songs By Ruth is a continuing conversation of life. Ruth's songs are honest and from the soul, combining art, storytelling, and perfect unison. With everything going on in today's society, one needs a vehicle of motivation to inspire the next generation, and "Bring It On" does that. Songs by Ruth is available on streaming platforms. For more information on Ruth's visit her website at


Ruth Andrews Garnes is a creative poetic and lyric writer with two published poetry anthologies: "The Cry of Our children and Fantasy or My reality." Deeply touched by her experiences Ruth Garnes has a survivor story to tell. She expresses herself through emotionally raw yet uplifting creative writings.

She is also the lyric writer of discography of songs published as Songs by Ruth, born in Belize, the second of six children. Ruth is a former registered nurse who has worked as an emergency room nurse, volunteered with the United Way of Greater Houston area, and Benevolent Mission International.

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