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Skundoz by Blaze B Is a Treat for Both Lyrical Fans and Trappers

The artist; Blaze B, weaves a web of finely crafted lyrics around a stunning instrumental. The effect is a different kind of hip hop that interacts with the listener in entirely new ways. Skundoz is a treat for both lyrical fans and trappers alike. It manages to pair traps insatiable energy with lyrical crafting rendering a stunning image. A blend of local South African musical and lyrical roots with strong strands of American hip hop influence. The production and energy of the music video match the temperament of the song. Skundoz is an excellent showcase of the right way to bring together the best of the old and the new and create something unique.

About Blaze B:

Ameer Sadeck, a.k.a. "Blaze B" born April 17, 1998 is a hip hop artist and lyricist from Cape Town, South Africa. Blaze B is majorly influenced by the lyrical greats as well as modern musical masters. His craft is one of weaving together his unique style of lyricism and modern musical production to perfect the end result. Blaze B is known for his on-stage energy and freestyle skills. Blaze B has received acclamation from music critics and radio hosts both locally and abroad. Most recently radio host DJ Special Blim from Chicago described his latest track as "a dope jam" and claimed "[Blaze] put it down with the pen!!!". Blaze B is currently a member of the local hip hop trio Headbanditz, most noted for their chart-topping single "Hot Summer." He is working with as many fellow artists and creators as he can to try and create as much inspiring content as he can. At the end of the day, Blaze B has a passion to inspire people and his music does just that.

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