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ShadowHood's V-Day Collaboration Release "Lavender" Is A Powerful Single That Is Climbing Through The Charts And Numbers

ShadowHood is a cross-genre composer, performer, clarinetist, and songwriter. His aim for a musical reformation by innovating and cross referencing music genres.  A born clarinetist, jazz trained, hip-hop and metal influenced, ShadowHood has grown so much, he is now seeking for music beyond. 

ShadowHood is a pioneer in the creation of Conscious Music. In which a song is a story, and has deeper meanings than just the music itself. The music an energy captured with i its sounds and word. That energy delivers emotion. And because of that, ShadowHood carries pride in it being created by conscious minds and performed by creative artists.  Free from corruption, free from purity, always innovating. Music in its true art form.

On Valentines Day,ShadowHood released a  collaboration with singer Brandon Crichfield , titled "Lavender," and dedicated to every couple who find their way to each other because of true love. A beautiful ballad filled with emotion and catered for those who love love. And in just a matter of days, "Lavender" has reached 1.3 million plus streams. You can check it out today on the popular Soundcloud App/Website. And leave with this promotional quote from ShadowHood;

"For those whose doesn’t love rose, here is my lavender to you"

Composer/Songwriter/Lyricist: ShadowHood
Singer: Brandon Crichfield
Producer: Andrew Andraos
Engineer: Joseph Rasbold

Keep Up With ShadowHood @

Instagram: Shadow_hood
Twitter: Shadow__hood
Facebook: Shadowhoodoffical

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