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Royalty Comes With A Price, But Is Worth It

LaQueena Burke, better known as Royalty, was born in Norfolk Virginia. The citt itself is known  as “Shark City” amongst the locals to a big-time drug dealer. Her father’s only dream was to start a record label.Unfortunately a fatal shooting with a rival landed in a 20 year sentence in prison.  Luckily her mother moved them to Virginia Beach,Virginia to get away from the path her father was heading down just before this incident occurred. Shattered by the loss of her father’s presence Royalty began to write books and plays to escape the pain of being abandoned by her father. She didn’t seem to fit in at home,as she was very different from the family members in her household. Royalty was sexual abused ny male family members and female friends of her mother's outside the family. She also was a victim of bullying due to her looks, the way she dressed, and the fact that she was overweight. To escaped the reality she dobe deep into her artistic talents. Having her father's blood, lyricism was second nature to her. At age 10 Royalty began to write songs and freestyle in her classrooms to the drum beats of her peers’ pencils beating on the desks. People enjoyed her rhythm. She thought very quickly on her feet and honed her craft bygetting the class room hyped up with freestyles about things that happened at school.  Royalty became somewhat of a class clown as she struggled to get through high school. She gained more focus when she met a group of kids that also shared a love for music. Royalty started going to the studio and hosting gatherings at her apartment where her associates would bring over equipment and they would record together in her home. One-night Royalty was feeling down and out, but she never expressed this to anyone around her. She was feeling low about her status in life. One of the people that she worked with musically showed her a video that he thought was cool. It was a video of Meek Mill’s late artist Lil Snupe battling Desean Jackson’s artist Retro for $10,000 cash. This video sparked something in Royalty. That night before she went to sleep she prayed to God for the freestyling ability that Lil Snupe possessed. In the morning when Royalty woke up she was freestyling like never before. That day, at the age of 18, Royalty decided that she would take music seriously and do everything it took to live out the dreams in her head. Royalty decided that she would no longer allow people’s thoughts of her appearance to hold her back. Fat, Ugly, Black, Gay. None of these things mattered anymore. Royalty became determined to win. Royalty then went on to move to North Carolina, Connecticut, and lastly Atlanta in pursuit of her dreams. 

At the age of 25 Royalty began to meet some very big names in the industry such as Drumma Boy, Stevie J,OT Genesis, 2 chainz, Eastside Jody and many others. Royalty has decided to remain independent and continues to foot the bill for her dreams until the right person comes along who can stand behind her worth. She is a name that eill be known. Stay tuned!

Check Out Royalty's videos and live performance:

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