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Need organic Soundcloud plays for your music? Want guaranteed radio airplay? Well, you have landed at the right company. The benefit of doing SoundCloud marketing and guaranteed radio airplay is that artists receive royalties for each play. iMastercopy provides excellent music marketing services that fit each client's needs.

iMastercopy( uses a Viral Organic Music Marketing Method. The methods include social media marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Email Marketing, Press Releases, and more. iMastercopy also runs ads and provides a lot of backlinking to help increase streams and plays. The music provided by our clients is sent to radios and club DJ's. iMastercopy increases the notability of the song, streaming, and fanbase.


  • Why let iMastercopy do your organic Soundcloud & Spotify promotional streams?
    • Real and authentic  
    • exposure on your Spotify & Soundcloud track
    • Timely delivery (Depending on the Package the artist chooses it can take up to 90 days)
    • Premium support 
    • Contact support with any questions or concern 
    • Manual & organic work marketing
    • iMastercopy work hand in hand with radios and club DJ's
    • iMastercopy offers as little as five thousand(5k) and goes up to millions(10+Million)
    • Guaranteed radio airplay

They are seven (7) principles a musician should do to be successful. But before the principles-are-outlined, a musician should have an understanding of a paradigm. A musician paradigm will need a shift in their character and personality ethic to be successful.

A music paradigm includes a model, theory, perception, assumption, or fame. In other words, the way an artist wants the world to accept the music that is produced.

The seven principles are:

  • Leadership-Take charge of your musical destiny
  • Habits- This should include: 
    • knowledge: what to do & why to it
    • Skill-The how to
    • Desire-want to
  • Effectiveness- What is the long-term goal? And How does it benefits in the long run which includes: ( physical, financial, and human acceptance)
  • Organizational - Making people care about the music which you're producing! Build a fanbase based on great music (this include streaming, play, radio, club, iTunes download social media marketing, and music platform promotions)
  • Interdependence- getting the public victory and Independence - private victory
  • Proactive- taking action that is out of the box that allows your music to stand out! Do good marketing and assure you streaming and plays are high in numbers
  • Management- You can do everything yourself, focus on the music and get a team together that will help the music to the next level

Overall doing the right music marketing can make an artist very successful independently.  Organic Spotify and Soundcloud marketing can bring in revenue to help the overall process. Beyond streaming platform marketing, iMastercopy offers press release services, marketing for book & apps, guaranteed radio airplay, social/search engine optimization, printing/design, custom USB duplication, CD/DVD duplication, business-strategic management, and web services. iMastercopy is a one-stop location for musicians, filmmakers, businesses, and individuals.

About iMastercopy

iMastercopy is one of the leading media companies providing IT/web services, web development, marketing/promotions, press releases, strategic management, business strategy, multimedia services, web & graphics services & disc duplication (CD/DVD replication & CD/DVD manufacturing) in North America. We can produce over 500,000 discs daily with strict adherence at the company's ISO-certified facilities. Our design & Multimedia services speak volumes due to the excellent creative team provided to our clients. iMastercopy guarantees the quality of our products and services to our clients. iMastercopy serves worldwide with locations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and the Caribbeans.

Call 646.504.5176‬. or email us {support (at)} with your needs so iMastercopy can help you to the next level. iMastercopy looks forward to working on your next project. iMastercopy is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars at visit the site. Visit us at! iMastercopy looks forward to working with you on your next project!

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