Olga Solar Releases Her New Single and Video "Tingle Fingers"

Olga Solar has just released a new single and video titled "Tingle Fingers;" a single from her chart topping "Antilullaby" album. Very metaphoric both in its content and visual performance. Olga delivers with an angelic voice as she sings powerful notes over an emotion filled instrumental. What I enjoyed most of the video, was how everyone has their face covered. I took it one of two ways,...either that we are all just people once you take how we look away,....or by removing the identities from the video, it is easy for a viewer to get caught in the sound, transcend into the music, and find themselves strongly relating too the content. Whether I am head on or wrong, "Tingle Fingers" is very entertaining and easy to relate to. And those are key ingredients in making long lasting music. 

Check Out The Video For "Tingle Fingers"

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