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Unsigned and Indepdent Artists Expand Their Brands!

"NURD" The Album by Kali (Releasing Friday)

"Kali" is a unsigned artist established and doing business in the state of Delaware preparing to release his project "Nurd". The project will feature all original music production by varies producers and written by Kali. He records with his confident, raw, hyped flow expressing the lifestyle he had to live and the things he had to do for survival. Check out Nurd on streaming services and online stores March 29, 2019. We've spoke with Kali and asked him some questions during our interview. 

How would you describe the music scene of the city you are currently living in?

The current music scene in my city is amazing. We still small, so we are working our way up but we're doing big things. Couple guys that's I'm listening to....... Bobbi dinero, Rich raw, Rob d, and almost anything produced by doeboy beats. Oh yeah, anything produced by Sap, who just was on Nipsey Hussle victory lap album.

When did you start writing music?

I started writing music about like 1997, when I first took notice to the def jam roster like uhm. Onyx, dmx, jayz (was new to def jam), that moment kinda sparked me to take it real serious....oh yeah, when I heard Wu tang, which wasn't first time but it was like first time I was really really inspired by them; that moment had me like whoa, yeah I can do this FORREAL!!

What's next for you? (New Music?)

For me, I'm gonna be pushing this NURD brand to the max. Me and my partner ROB D, will be making sure that we keep music in the air and constantly dropping. I have another solo project dropping soon, which will follow ROB D's solo work, then we gone hit the road and start tearing up these venue's!


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