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Now That's Some Bullshit: the Truth behind the fake V.I.C.; PROMOTERS BEWARE

originally posted on Hip Hop Encounter
Here we are again with another installment of “Now That’s Some Bullshit”. I really hate reporting on this type of stuff but when I do it is usually for someone else’s benefit, not mine.
Let me give you a little background first.
A few weeks ago, an associate of mine told me that V.I.C. was coming to Macon. I was immediately surprised since I didn’t know anything about it. Briefly towards the end of the “Say Bow” run I was on the road with V.I.C. traveling from different events. Some of these videos can be found on my personal YouTube Channel. I was the one holding the camera. I was invited by my best friend Victor Walker, who was acting as V.I.C.’s co-manager at the time. I was given the title of Road Manager. Those were fun times.
Since the reemergence of “Wobble”, the spotlight has not left V.I.C. It appears that the momentum will not slow on the song. After I witnessed the Beyonce Wobble video, I immediately reached back out to V.I.C. and congratulated him on the success of the song. It was at this time that I was reintroduced to his current manager Miguel.
Miguel was actually a promoter out of the Virginia area that I met while on the road with V.I.C., it was a failed event at a school auditorium but apparently the contact information was exchanged because the reconnect happened. My best friend was still booking V.I.C. periodically since his number is still on the majority of V.I.C.’s press material.
Interesting enough, he would also get horror stories about how his current management team would book shows and not show up, both in the United States and abroad.
While I was working with my former artist, he told me of an issue where V.I.C. was supposed to show up in Savannah and didn’t show. I did a little research, spoke with the promo team and I then reached out to both V.I.C. and Miguel to ask for an explanation. Not to be nosey but to check on the integrity of the brand. Miguel assured me that everything was ok and that it was the promoters fault, not their on why they did not show and that he was aware of the fake bookings that were going on and he was trying to put a stop to it.
Fast forward to this event…..
Before I reached out to Miguel, I reached out to the promoter in Macon. B-Moss. I asked him how he came about booking V.I.C. and to make sure that it was real based on the prior dealings that were happening. He said his partner in Augusta set up the show and he was sure it was real because he saw V.I.C. perform there in Augusta so that contact was real. I told him I would reach out to make sure that it was. Here is our Facebook conversation:

So now, I reach out to Miguel. Apparently, they were at a video shoot so the conversation was brief. He confirmed the date and time and I then set up some face time for Hip Hop Encounter. I scheduled a video interview with them to take place prior to the performance. After that conversation I assumed everything was OK…well here comes the fuckery.
Here is the flyer for the event and the promoters were going real hard to promote, especially since there were 20 other parties in the city going on but NONE for teens so they had optimal opportunity to win.

I began texting Miguel around 5:00 to confirm my interview. No response.
I texted B-Moss around 7:00 and got no initial response. By the time he noticed the text he hit me back and stated that V.I.C. was about to perform now. I could not leave the house because I had the kids while the wifey was out doing Black Friday stuff; but a red flag went up.
Miguel knew I wanted to do a video interview and he never replied to me. Also, V.I.C. knows me personally so I was a little upset that I was being ignored (my #1 petpeave). Being a little distraught I was up working off the frustration when I got a text from B-Moss stating that the performer was a fake. My immediate reply was: What the Fuck?
B-Moss called me and explained what the fake performer was in the back with the police and that he was attempting to get his money back. Since I was still watching the kids I could not leave the house so I asked for evidence (picture, video, anything). He said he had a picture and that he would send it to me.
I immediately called his former manager. It was around 1:00 a.m. and he would be getting ready to do radio at WRFG 89.3 fm. He is the host of the Ridin Durty Radio Show (shameless plug). I didn’t get an answer from him but I am laughing my ass off at the circumstances…that was until some random dude hit me on Facebook.
This nigga accused me of participating in the fuckery. To add to the BS, he also said he would be coming to see me about it unless his partner got his money back.
*****this is where I pause for a second, Lil Nigga. Most niggas don’t know who the fuck I am and but those that do know me know that I try to be 1000% honest when I speak. So take this for what it is; if you show up at my fuckin home about some BULLSHIT that I tried to honestly help prevent, we will BOTH have a life changing experience. It is one thing to threaten me because I really don’t mind it; in fact I'm used to it because I get lame rappers and weak producers mad at me daily. But for you to say you will ‘come to my house’ with my wife and kids moves you to the top of my ‘To-Do’ list. Come get done lil nigga; now back to the story******
I started looking at the other Facebook comments and patiently waited on the photo.
When I saw the promoter post the picture, I could not really make out who the person was but I could guarantee that it was NOT V.I.C.
Here is the actual photo:
Victor (former manager) called just before his radio show and I explained to him what happened. He asked me to send him the picture and I did. He hit me back and said that the person in the picture is Matt. I said, dude, that can’t be true. That doesn’t make any sense.
So at 4:14am I received my most damaging piece of evidence. If I am trying to do some fuckery, the last thing that I would do is do a video drop for the promoter but this dude messed up in a major way by doing so.
Here is the drop:
**Nigga cant even get the name right, it's B-Moss, not D-Moss
and below that is a video of the actual impersonator, you will notice him to the right of the REAL V.I.C. wearing a white t-shirt
(**note, these videos are self hosted, removing them from YouTube will not delete them from here)
Now I am seriously pissed because Victor was right. Not only was the whole scenario full of bullshit but I confirmed this shit for the promoter which makes me an accessory. So now it honestly does look like I took part in the fuckery. It makes the promoter look bad because he presented a bogus act and in the court of public opinion, once you start doing fuckery, you will always be associated with it.
But to make this all a whole bucket of BULLSHIT. Matt is the person in the video. Matt is the person in the picture by the police. Matt is the person that was impersonating the real V.I.C. Ladies and gentlemen, MATT IS ACTUALLY V.I.C.’s LITTLE BROTHER.
***Shocker! By having the manager and the little brother there implies that the real V.I.C. took part in the whole fuckery. Now a promoter is out of his money and a good reputation. I have teens threatening my life and these niggas are out playing games.
It is hard enough in this industry to get ahead and be honest but when artist and managers start participating in the bullshit, which is a whole new level of Fuckery.
I am embarrassed that I even know this nigga now. I am beyond ashamed that I confirmed this date and event for the promoter. I am awestruck that someone would have the audacity to pull something like this off in a digital age.
To V.I.C., every time that I called you it was because I honestly care about you and your career. I want you to win. I want you to be the international superstar that you strive to be. But not like this….
To B-Moss, I apologize to you personally over the phone and I am doing it now in conjunction with the thousands of people that are reading this, I truly am sorry that this happened to you. I had NOTHING to do with it and if you need my help moving forward, you have my full cooperation.
To Miguel, so you lied to me again? This is me pissed Miguel. This blog receives a minimum of 100,000 hits for every blog post. But to disrespect someone that is a Social Media consultant is beyond stupid.
Since last night, I have continuously attempted to reach out to both V.I.C. and Miguel to allow them to explain themselves and I am completely getting ignored
I have your contacts: 4344260317, 4045631982,,,
In 7 days, this will reach 1 Million people. In 10 days 10 Million people. And by the end of December the majority of the Hip Hop world will know that you guys are pulling scams off. Not a good look. Especially for an artist that is desperately trying to get back in the spotlight.
*Good luck with that

***Staurday update 11/25 3:24: Apparently the real V.I.C. didn’t show up anywhere. Some new information has been presented that the artist was double booked for Macon Georgia and Evansville Indiana for the same date and didn’t show for either.

Is this where your career ended Victor? Booking fake shows, double booking dates and sending imposters to take your place?
I am truly sorry for you and completely embarrassed that I know you. When you want to know how you can FIX this, give me a call. Until then, forget you know me.

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