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New Music: Miami Rapper Louiibett Drops His New Song "Chicken"

Recording artist and songwriter Louiibett Raised in a Miami, Florida a city called Allapattah better known as Allapakistan. It was not easy growing up for Louiibett. From poverty, robberies, shootings, his parents separating, and his older brother incarcerated sentenced to 20 years.

Louiibett had a passion for music since a early age. He perfected his craft and decided to pursue their dreams of becoming a Hip-Hop artist to display his talent and story to the world. 

His music is starting to gain some buzz and attention and he said he hopes it will continue to put his name on people’s lips and show people that he has not limit or ceiling when it comes to making music. He also hopes that his music affects people the same ways that it does him. 

Louiibett has a style all of his own, he’s been known for having originality he's recently been consistently dropping new music and visuals and won first place in Memorial Weekend's Artist Showcase Sponsored by BDL4LIFE Entertainment. 

"I love music It helps me find myself & keeps my mind positive. If it wasn’t for music I don't know what I’ll be doing to be honest, but I know one thing... i will never lose!" said Louiibett in his latest interview! 

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