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My Interview With Authors Aja Taylor & C. Lynette ; The Divas of Urban Fiction!

Hello, I am Leena Ching and I am the author of Misplaced Loyalty and Scandalous. As a author, there are a lot of things you learn about how to capture your audience, how to appeal to your readers and it really tests your creativity. But even though, a author main goal is to sell their fans some good stories and capture them through their words our journey is not the same. I am joined here with two authors: C. Lynette author of Ebony Articles: Volume 2 and Aja Taylor author of Covered Deep.

L. Ching: Hello ladies; thank you for joining me tonight for this interview and thank you for the opportunity

A. Taylor: Hello Leena. Good evening Crystal

C. Lynette: Hey Aja!

L Ching: Now, I understand you are both authors and I know as an author there are sometimes where you just find your self stuck while writing a story. Can you please tell us about a time, you've had a hard time coming up with a concept for your story and how you overcame it?

C. Lynette: Well I have written erotica and trying to find the best way to say some things without being overly raunchy or even boring happened to me often. This last book was particularly difficult because i had to dig. If it weren't for a great friend and literary cousins encouraging me... I'd quit.

A. Taylor: Well my biggest thing with writing is not being predictable. That's the hardest thing for me. So that's when i incorporate real life into a situation in the book.

L Ching: I understand, it could be hard to come out with a story that will appeal to your audience. I know about that all to well Lol. Can you tell us about what made you want to be a author in the first place?

C. Lynette: I was inspired by several authors, including a close friend. I knew i wanted to write in some capacity. This is where I ended up at. I thought I'd be a journalist.

L Ching: Really? do you still think about becoming a journalist?

C. Lynette: Nah, the way the media is set up, it's impossible. I'm too passionate to be objective.

L. Ching: I completely understand girl.

A Taylor: I started writing poetry when i was about 13 years old. It was an outlet for me. I went thru a lot as a child and writing is how i coped. I didn't trust anyone to talk to so i took it to paper.

C. Lynette: That's always an outlet Aja

L. Ching: that sounds so familiar I was obsessed with pen and paper as well. Especially as a teenager. It makes sense, when you write a story it is definitely gives us that opportunity to tell the story how ever we choose.

A. Taylor: Yes ma'am!!!!

L. Ching: Now I want to talk about online promotion and advertising for your books. It is not secret that it has been so popular for people to advertise their work on-line that often times people don't bother advertising off-line. Do you think people are to dependent on the powers of online advertising and do you believe it is hurting their sales?

C. Lynette: Social media has become the way to go.

A Taylor: If online is the only way that you promote THEN YES!!!! I feel that you should be "hands on'and "in your face' with promoting. But there is nothing wrong with it. Just shouldn't be the only route

L. Ching: So would be both be opposed to do some door to door selling or selling your books on the sidewalks?

C. Lynette: I'm not good with selling stuff lol that's where I fail. I wouldn't be opposed but it's out of my comfort zone.

A. Taylor: Be against it!!!!! Honey i push my paperbacks!! Crystal are you shy?

C. Lynette: Lol nah, just not a people person, which is terrible because i like being around people hahaha

L. Ching: Lol, makes sense. I guess some things work for some and social media is perfect for others. I respect that!

A. Taylor: I completely understand. The way folks are set up these days!!

L. Ching: Oh yes, crazy!

C. Lynette: Girl! The way my personality is set up, it's a wonder I'm still employed lol

L. Ching: Now, let's keep it real... in every industry there are things that can potentially turn us off from our craft. What is the one thing you wish you can change about the writing industry?

C. Lynette: ... Everyone shouldn't be an author, everyone shouldn't be a publisher or have a publishing company, reviews from people that don't like a certain genre posting about that genre would be disallowed...

A. Taylor: The messiness. The sharks that prey on aspiring authors!!

L. Ching: YES, I agree!!

C. Lynette: And I mean no disrespect, I know everyone has to start somewhere and we all generally get better as time goes on. I don't mean to come across as a jerk lol

L. Ching: Lol you are speaking your real

A. Taylor: *Thumbs Up*

L. Ching: What was the high point of your writing career and what was your low point?

A. Taylor: My high point is being self published. I don't have a low point

C. Lynette: I agree with aja

L. Ching: You jumped a head of me, I had a question aksing you were self published.. well since it's out there already. What made you decide to be self published?

C. Lynette: I self published because the people i knew self published. Lenient deadlines, writing without your work being decimated, and most of your royalties.

A. Taylor: I couldn't find anyone that was trustworthy. And with others i seen their work and it wasn't up to par.

L. Ching: Are you happy with your decision to self publish?

A. Taylor: I'm happy with what i know. But I'm still learning things. It can be very overwhelming at times, but I'm happy being on my own.

L. Ching: Knowing what you know about the industry would you launch your own publishing company? if so, what would it be called?

C. Lynette: Haha working on that as we speak, no name yet but we'll see how it goes

L. Ching: haha! we are in for a surprise so these new authors better get prepared

A. Taylor: My husband and i were talking about that today. No name this way yet.

L. Ching: What is the one genre that you absolutely would not write and why?

C. Lynette: I can't see myself going this new age romance... I like semi graphic sex scenes lol

A. Taylor: I was going to say romance as well. I wouldn't call it boring, but just not spicy enough.

L. Ching: Last but not least, what are you both working on currently?

C. Lynette: I have several stories that are out of my orignal genre. "The Heist" (thriller), "The Curse" (horror), Escort Chronicles (erotica thriller) and still thinking about this straight up urban lit piece called What They Got Me (Part of the F***** Up series)

A. Taylor: Erotica baby!!!!

L. Ching: Perfect, thank you ladies for chatting with me tonight. Please tell our readers where your books could be bought and how you could be reached for networking purposes?

C. Lynette: Twitter - @cgotti22 on FB as C Lynette Writes

A. Taylor: He grabbed my neck and kissed me hard. I stumbled back onto the chair. I noticed that i didn't fall back on something, but someone. I looked into the mirrored ceiling and noticed the female just as she grabbed my tits and missed the back of my neck. I jumped up ready to slap the shit out of him. Or her! Both of these mufuckas. But instead was met with a slap of my own. "I thought she was going to be on board, Dev. Why is this bitch tripping?" said the female I seen him talking to by the bar earlier.

"Calm down Vette, she is a newbie" he stated guiding me back to the chair.

" well in that case, let me taste her first," she said eying me hungrily. And as i sat there in shock she dropped to her knees and spread my legs open to see my glistening pussy. She smiled as she made her way to my pulsating clit. And just as she took me into her mouth, Dev shoved his rock hard dick between my waiting lips.

L. Ching: Ohh, You surprised us with this one!

A. Taylor:

Fb: Aja Taylor

Instagram: Aja Taylr

C. Lynette: Oh my... I like I like i like!!!

L. Ching: So do I, You have a hit on your hands girl! Thank you so much ladies for allowing me to get nosey with y'all tonight.

C. Lynette: Thank you Aja for being my co-interviewee and thanks for having me Leena

A. Taylor: Thank y'all!!!! And thank you Leena for the interview!!

L. Ching: No problem, Have a good night!

Please get your copies of their books today and please connect with them and network for further greatness.

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