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My Interview Of Great Pride With Reuben Walton

Today, as Pride Month comes to a end, I wanted to pick the brain and learn more about the gay community so I went out to look for somebody who was willing to answer a few questions to help us understand more than we already know. I have the pleasure of interviewing Reuben Walton from Woods Hole, Massachusetts and he is willing to answer some burning questions I have.
So sit back and let's get educated. . . .

First of all, Reuben thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview with you.

I really appreciate it!

Reuben: No problem

Now, I have ten question plus the Bonus question that will allow you let the readers know about you personally and anything you have going on in your professional life. Is that okay?

Reuben: Okay great

Thank you! Now let's get on with these questions:

1) How old were you when you realized you were gay?

Reuben: Probably 14

2) Who was the hardest person to come out to?

Reuben: I didn't really have a formal coming out process with each and every person in my life, it was sort of something that everyone already knew

3) Who was the most understanding?

Reuben: Probably my mom

Leena: That's amazing, I often hear stories about it being hardest for the mother

4) What's one word to describe how you feel about the Supreme Court's decision to legalize same- sex marriage nationwide? Why did you choose that word?

Reuben: Ecstatic. I chose that word because I'm very happy about it since I had been following the fight for SSM since at least 2008

Leena: Oh really? Nice! Yes. it is time for there to be equality in our world now so it is definitely a step in the right direction

5) What are your thoughts on the Caitlyn Jenner transition?

Reuben: I'm happy for her to be able to live her truth.

6) Was there something about the opposite sex that turned you out?

Reuben: Not really, I've always been able to appreciate women's beauty and strength, I just was never sexually attracted to them. Or otherwise.

7) For the people who don't understand it (such as; my self) can you explain the difference between a top and a bottom?

Reuben: The top is the guy who is penetrating, the bottom is the guy being penetrated.

Leena: Okay, thanks for clearing it up. I would often hear it. Smile & nod but NEVER understood what it meant lol

Reuben: No problem, glad I could help :)

Leena: You definitely did!

8) Have you been bullied due to your sexuality, how did you deal with it?

Reuben: Yeah, quite a lot, and often due to what people perceived as my sexuality even if I hadn't come out yet. I dealt with it through staying close with my family and eventually through my finding my own group of friends with whom there was still quite a bit of drama.

9) Any advice on people who are still struggling with coming out?

Reuben: Doing it sooner rather than later because a lot of people regret if they wait until they're in their 30s or 40s.

Leena: There's actually people that wait that long?

Reuben: Oh yeah

Leena: aww man :( that must be such a hard time. I'm trending away here, let me get it together

Reuben: Ok

10) Knowing what you know now, what piece would you give your younger self about coming out and how to deal with the different opinions regarding homosexuality?

Reuben: Just know yourself and don't spend so much time needing approval and pointlessly arguing with homophobes.

Leena: that's good! So much prefer approval over their own happiness

BONUS) Lastly, is there anything you are doing at the moment that you'd like to let our readers know about?

Reuben: Yes, I'd like you guys to check out my music at My Bandcamp Account and
My Soundcloud. :)

Thank you so much for chatting with me today, I learned a great deal. I am so happy that we are in a time now where it is okay to be able to live in your truth, even though we have a long way to go. We have definitely came a long way!

Reuben, do you have any last words for our readers?

Reuben: Stay strong, and never give up on your dreams!

You heard what he said, strength is the key to your happiness! Don't allow anybody to knock you into a shell. You have to live for you. Thank you Reuben for chatting with me and thank you all for reading with me.

Have a Good Night!


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