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Music from 3 Different Music Projects ... I am Open To Helping Other Writers (even more so if english is 2nd tongue)

It was past 4 a.m. when Nico sent me this music for a different song. He didn't know I was up but it wasn't uncommon either.


I wrote him back "No, it needs to go with.what I will write right now". I emailed him then wrote and recorded the vocals once normal and again with a bit of Gusto... Less than 10 mins I had written and recorded the vocals. Within a half-hour of the first sent this is the result.

Two days later we were live on London radio. A friend that I recently had played I noticed in the bio also had a show. So so very reluctantly I pushed the file over and asked to listen. Needless to say, it went over really well.... so 30 mins before we go on we change our name for Magnet to NagMet. It combines Nico's love of them and my Dyslexia and 10 mins later we lose internet connections and scrambled and rambled and crambled like headless foxes wanting to eat those blind, deaf & dumb lil peeps that ain't peepen at all.... Ah, What A Night!

I wrote this years and years ago. Leave your answer in the comments and the first correct I will give a shout out via podcast, FB group page & personal, and twit...

This two was one of those that your pen can't keep up with the words coming out of you. This was taught in a high school english class alone side Frost & Longfellow.... and this fellow was getting imitated. That is truly wierd to find out. 

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