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Matthew L. Farris To Release New EP "My Tell-Tale Heart"

Multi-talented Chicago artist Matthew L. Farris is on the rise. Known for his versatility and ability to paint pictures with words, the artist includes messages about his past life in his music aimed at inspiring the world.

Check out his latest release below and be on the look out for his new EP "My Tell-Tale Heart" dropping in March!

Matthew L. Farris breaks down his new EP below:

It's a deeply personal album that does chronicle my struggles with addiction, death, heartbreak, moving on, and trying to create something meaningful in an over saturated market. It also has significance as the last album that will have profanity, as I believe if I can manage to maintain and improve upon my signature sound ( I have) then I can reach a larger audience with "clean" music, but still not alienate my core fan base or people who have grown accustomed to a certain mood or sound from me. I have two more releases mixed and ready, both EP's, that are completely clean ("Swords of Truth" and "Make-Shift Apostle")....slated for late spring and summer releases.

Ghosts - a song about regrets, and how they can haunt you

My Confessional (Sad Song, Dad's Song) - an introspective and autobiographical track about coping with the passing of my dad and all the other crap that happened to me in this time period. Melodic hook, harder verses

Rose Colored Glasses - the single that's been doing well with targeted FB ads and youtube only release so far. A melancholy track with a singer/songwriter vibe that details my own pessimism, an easy to relate to song for anyone who feels down.

Felt so Alone - A song about trying to find purpose, about being surrounded by people but still feeling like you're by yourself. Autobiographical without being too specific to alienate listeners.

Astonishing - Hook by Constantine, a simple "rap track" just touching on my drug addiction, my overcoming of such, and my own lyrical prowess in spite of it all

Overcome - A song with a lo-fi, off-key approach to add authenticity to the pain that helped write the song. Details a 7 year split briefly, the pain of a breakup, the coping or lack thereof, and the still impactful effects it has years later.

Tryin to Be (Memories) - Following up on the previous song,it's a track about trying to but being unable to fully move on due to the memories that haunt and the feelings of "what if"? Essentially, not being able to be who you are or how you think you're supposed to be.


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