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Hip-hop artist Knowa (pronounced: Noah) is on a mission. He makes music not just to entertain, but to educate, enlighten, and inform. While this is a growing trend in the music industry, "conscious music" (as it's been dubbed) is surprisingly absent from both the historical archives of music and from today's public airwaves. With a foundation in urban music, where decidedly "unconscious" themes of violence, illicit drugs, and sex seem to run more rampant than in other genres, conscious music extends throughout every musical flavor. How can music fans can support the evolution of conscious music in the entertainment industry? By bringing consciousness into their music listening and purchasing choices. Reward consciousness in the music industry by purchasing music from conscious artists rather than simply streaming it or copying it from a friend. Call up local radio stations and request they play songs from specific conscious music artists. Walk into local music stores and request they start carrying more conscious music artists. Discourage the pandemic of unconscious music by using social media to enlighten your friends and spread the good word on the growing movement to bring consciousness to the entertainment industry.

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