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I don't have nothing against a black man who has a preference in dating a woman who isn't black, just like I have nothing against a black woman who has a preference in dating a man who isn't black. I am all here for all kinds of love because the color doesn't make the love, the effort, the feeling, the trust, the consistency, the loyalty etc makes the love so who ever makes you happy is the person you should spend your life with. 

HOWEVER; I don't appreciate hearing a black man degrade a black woman as if he didn't come from one. There are quite a few of black woman that may have rubbed a man the wrong way but those woman don't represent ALL black woman. It is impossible for one man to know EVERY SINGLE BLACK WOMAN in this world therefore shouldn't speak on ALL of them and generalize us as one big, hot mess. It is upsetting to see or hear our own bruthas disrespecting us and calling us out of our names to justify their reasoning to being interested in a woman of a different race. There is nothing wrong with dating outside your race but let's not act like that kind of behavior can't come from another race, a certain trait is not just for black woman, anybody could pick up that trait.

JUST THE SAME; I don't appreciate hearing a black woman degrade all black man as if the give birth to a son that isn't what they will be looked at us when they get older. Sure, she might of had quite a bit of bad apples that turned her off of black man but that doesn't mean that, that's how EVERY black man is, those men doesn't represent all black man. She hasn't had the opportuity to meet EVERY SINGLE BLACK MAN IN THE WORLD,nor will she so she can't speak for them all. Dating outside of their race is fine but when they speak like they are trying to escape a trait that they think only a black man carries is laughable, a trait could be carried among many different races. Skin color doesn't mean anything.

Love comes in different colors and that's wonderful, we have all came a long way to get people to finally understand that interracial relationships are okay but it becomes a problem when people begin degrading their own to try to justify why they've decided to date another race. Even if you had some bad experiences, put the blame on those people and don't come at people with those general, disrespectful slurs that some people don't deserve. There are plenty of decent, loving, hard working black man and woman who don't deserve the stereotype. We go through enough with the profiling and all of these issues with our young kids getting killed by police officers or seriously injured and instead of getting justice these people are getting apprehended. We have enough to worry about with trying to make it in this society with all of this negative backlash and the last thing we need to be doing is tearing each other down.

I've been seeing it so often and it has been getting on my nerves for so long, each time I see such a ignorant comment I ask myself "How they gonna make that statement without knowing every single black man/woman in this world?"

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