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Keeping It Drippy: New Jersey BNAST Music Artist Hit 100k Streams On YouTube

Camden, New Jersey’s musical sensation BNAST— has always had a penchant for writing and recording infectious melodies. A multifaceted rapper, producer, songwriter and sound engineer, BNAST believes in the diversity of sound, and in utilizing lyricisms which reflect his real life. His creative processes reflect this and is fueled by his personal experiences, paired with his ceaseless work ethic, and led him to establish a record label in 2012, called Grind Nation. He uses this label to produce mixtapes in his studio. Sound Vibes, located in Elkton, Maryland is where he recorded his latest album, titled “Drippy Love,” which debuted early 2020. Taking clear inspiration from his favorite music artists and is steadily growing in popularity across all major streaming platforms, one of the singles off Drippy Love, titled Right Here,” has garnered over 100,000 views, and rising.

“Keeping it Drippy” is about the natural swagoo and distinctive flow that comes from authenticity. The “drippy” singer has had his music also heard and judged by A&R reps and executives in the music industry, such as Atlantic Records, Epic Records and Def Jam Recordings. BNAST cites his musical influences as Chris Brown, Jay-Z, Ludacris, Meek Mill, Nelly and Party Next Door to name a few.

His latest single ‘Prevail” is the latest in a string of bangers that he’s hoping that duplicates the success of his track, Right Here. Prevail is about overcoming obstacles in your way, the doors being slammed, and brushing off the haters and moving forward regardless of circumstances and support. What distinguishes, BNAST from the average independent artist is his work ethic. “You have to be willing to do what it takes to make it. Stay creative and avoid getting lost in the matrix and looking to imitate sounds that are “popular” rather than just being true to your art. You know, keep it drippy.” A video for Prevail is currently in the works and is expected to be shot this upcoming month and released in early December 2020.

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