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Chicago born and raised, Kangoo Kiddd grew up with the hip-hop culture embedded in his DNA. A Southside native to the windy city, discovering his music core at Percy L. Julian with super producers Keezo Kane and V-city as well as R& B/ Neo-Soul singer B. J. the Chicago Kid and Artist Developer Magnis V ( Big Worm) and others!

Kangoo Kiddd delivers an artistic view that's "true" to him as he gets lyrical in a rhythym that is going to allow him to burst through hip-hop like nothing ever heard. His stories are the streets of Chicago and his perspective is from an angle he describes as family oriented!

As the Sole Proprietor of Broken Records 1153, He has brought a dynamic that most would describe as passionate. He makes his own instrumentals and does his cover art along with his YouTube series "In The Lab!!!" which gives him a platform many rappers don't have! He says he doesn't have to find anyone to fulfill his vision. He brings his dreams to fruition!

Kangoo Kiddd can be found on mostly all streaming platforms. Usually, his singles are just a google search away! From song like "Service", Ride on Me", "Groupie Gang", "I Can Fly", "Party Bus" to his new release Coming Soon- PTSD, Kangoo Kiddd has proven versatility with his lyrics! He has also shown a strong work ethic as he is mainly concerned about making a name for himself and making his Family proud!

"PTSD" is now available on streaming services. 

Facebook: jc.mccreary

Instagram: @jcakakangookiddd

Twitter: @JCMccreary

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