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Justice for Deshon: TheTruth Behind Mishandling NJ Transit and Coach USA Death Case

Hundred of innocent human beings killed by NJ Transit and 
Coach USA reckless bus driver and death. We need to do 
SOMETHING.Use YOUR voice (Social Media, your community, 
etc.) to raise awareness!

Please post, repost, tweet, share your connections and
tag people. Get up stand up for what is right. 
This type of murder/ killing is not OKAY!

This is the information that NJ Transit, Coach USA, and 
Vehicular Homicide Detective does not want the world to know. 
Enough is Enough!!! The people should know, no more silent. 
Deshon did not deserve to die in this horrific manner than be mistreated like his life is of no value. Deshon's death is straight up negligent and murder. His life was taken in vain by the Haitian native Coach USA bus driver operating NJ Transit bus 709. This video is to open up your eyes to Essex County Homicide covers up.

Coach USA bus driver did not follow the curb turn radius when striking Deshon

2013 New Jersey Revised Statutes
Section 39:4-123 - Right and left hand turns

As of today, Mr. Romain is still driving the bus. Here are other passengers compliant about Romaine dangerous mental behavior by insulting his passengers.

Complaints on the bus driver and bus company:

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