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Interview with Pittsburgh's Realest Mykeal Knight

Hi, my name is Leena Ching and I have met quite a few artists in the industry who wants to make their mark in the game and surrounding all the hype around Straight Outta Compton, I am curious to see how the rappers of today feel and what inspired them and what we can expect from them. It is no secret that the industry has changed drastically, but I wanted to get into the mind of Artists today and I want to share with you the behind the scenes of The Artist of The New Era. With me today is Mykeal Knight thank for joining me.

MK: Thank you for having me!!!

Let's get right down to the nitty griddy, what made you want to start making music?

MK: I've always been surrounded by music but two years ago one of my friends took me to a studio and threw me in the booth. Like dr. Dre did eazy e. Ever since then its been magic

Who would you say is your biggest musical influence?

MK: I would have to say tu pac and the rest of the 90's west coast music

How does your art differ from any other musical artist?

MK: My energy, my style, my drive, and my hunger!!!

They said long ago, that hip hop was dead. Do you believe that is true or not?

MK: I dont think its dead, its evolving hip hop will never die.

Who is your target audience when you are writing your music? & Who do you think relates to your music most?

MK: My target audience is young adults/college students and the ladies of course.

A lot of artists sell out because they want more money, would you ever make music you hate if it means more money?

MK: I wouldnt call it selling out i would call it evolving with the times or tryna stay relevant.

Who are the top 3 artists that you'd like to do a collab with?

MK: Wiz khalifa, J.Cole and Nicki Minaj

What is the one thing about trying to build your name in the industry that people don't know?

MK: A lot of money lol

What are you currently working on?

MK: My first mixtape called "under the influence of music" and my new radii show called "pregame radio"

How could people contact you for networking purposes and how could people find your music?

MK: Booking info and My music can be found on Soundcloud Search: Mykeal Knight

Thank you so much for joining me tonight and good luck on your future ventures.

I respect a artist that is on their grind and serious about their craft, we have to much people making a mockery of the music industry and we need our talented artists to come back and show these phony bolognas how it's done.

People go check him out and connect with them to pursue further greatness!

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