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Chocolate brown complexion…sweetness
everyone adored her smiling confection
Beautiful! The most beautiful girl
I’ve ever seen…to this day; in dreams
I still hold her close in nostalgic scenes
I still remember Yolanda

I can still smell her minty sighs
hear her youthful laughter, trickle
down my nervous, teenage spine
when she looked deep in my eyes
made my heart leap for miles…and miles

With a wit as sharp as a diamond
her brilliance could shame Einstein
our time was short, but she was mine
for a little while…lost in her smile
for a little while…I swam her Nile
just to be near her…to revere her
savored memories gone to December

Our first kiss…playing spin the bottle
at lunch time, in the school yard
when we were only thirteen, back then
I remember when…the moment
the bottle stopped; it pointed at my angel
slightly at an awkward angle…in between
her and another…but it was she, who
reached for me and gently touched
my cheek ever so sweetly…tenderly and
pressed the softest lips to mine
no sweeter kiss; how I envy the time

I thought I’d lost her our freshman year
she’d moved to another part of town
went to a different high school…as I pined
I was such a young fool and blind
not knowing of fate and signs, that
again she would be mine…for a time

Our senior year: Hearing a familiar
laughter, her perfume, my nostalgia
saw her big brown eyes…her smile
my heart skipped…we’d have a while
to rekindle what had never wavered
young love, ours to be savored and

She touched; gently touched my cheek
we shared the sweetest kiss of bliss
and…how I still miss…Yolanda
the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen
sometimes still in my waking dreams

You see…my angel is truly an Angel
I hope she’s watching over me
guiding me…with our love that
still lingers in the fading corners
of a boy’s heart, who still remembers
that first kiss…when that bottle
almost missed*


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