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Hip Hop Emcee Fame Johnson Prepares to Release His Highly Anticipated Album "Da Wave". We Got a Sneak Peak and it's A Wave Worth Riding.

Fame Johnson has been hard at work to be recognized as a lyricist worth listening to. And he never fails to impress. Prepping to release his second full length album, Fame took a little time out his schedule and let us hear the up and coming project "Da Wave"...scheduled for a March 30th release, this writer, after one listen, has his money in hand to purchase.

The 10 song album "Da Wave", is mixed and mastered immaculately. Fame Johnson is giving his listeners A-1 audio production and that is just the first thing that deserved mention. From there you are pulled into a listening session filled with versatility in sound and content. Fame skates over instrumental after instrumental with a strong delivery full of reality based lyrics and confidence that he has a balance hip hop has been missing. And we have to agree. Living in California then moving to Texa, as well having a love for hip hop past and present reflects in Fame's style and molded this artist for a destined position in the culture's history.

As stated previously, Fame Johnson's album "Da Wave" is full of lyrical content. And he doesn't hesitate to bring in just the right amount of features, from the perfect artists. Complimenting one another on the track, Fame blends his flow and energy with every spitter he brought in to make "Da Wave" a masterpiece. And they match him in that presentation like a mirror.

One of our personal favorites is the song titled "Eat", featuring Relle Roulette. Laced with a sample from Icon Tupac Shakur speaking on the poverty and imbalance of the economy, Fame and Relle spit swift bars about the reality of being at the bottom of societies food chain. Giving a first person point of view, what it is like to be raised in a system built against you, while going into a survival mode that by any means..we will EAT.

And speaking of features, another honorable mention is how this underground emcee enlisted a few big dogs,if you will, to make this wave a tidal. Baton Rouge, LA rapper Kevin Gates joins Fame Johnson to address an issue many of the real ones avoid daily...."Fake". Fame and Gates take turns over the horn laced melody pointing out those who smile in your face, talk behind your back, then when you make it come back with their hands out. Simply put...the "Fake".

And to top it all off, Fame brought in Texas Legend "Lil Flip" to jump on the banger with him and and JuDown titled "Work". And its hot..just made available on Itunes this week, everybody needs this. Fame and Ju did their thing as expected, but what what was impressive was how Lil Flip, an artists known for his strong southern drawl, flipped his whole style to what many our doing today and filled it with real bars based on real life.

Hands down, this album is classic. Grab the single "Work" featuring Lil Flip and JuDown today on Itunes, check out Fame's video to "Faithful to the Game", and be prepared for the March 30th game changing album release, "Da Wave" from Fame Johnson.



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