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"Heaven Only Knows" is An Amazing Composition of Faith and Testimony from Rev Peter Unger


  Rev Peter Unger returns to reverbnation (where he is rated #1) to release to the world his latest single, Only Heaven Knows.  It is a beautiful composition. The guitar adds a perfectly placed acoustic sound along side Mr. Ungers expressive lyrics.


    In this writers opinion, the Peter delivers his point of view of a loneliness many of us feel daily. The obstacles in life so many of us struggle over daily delivered to us in its own package. The help we seek. The hope we try to hold on to. And the suffering so many go through all while just trying to better themselves. The music places you in the singers shoes as you begin to relate more and more until you feel yourself in this position. And that's what good music should do, become so relatable that you almost believe a piece of your daily life has been recorded, written and delivered through song.

    But just like life tends to work itself out, by the end of the song, you can feel the toll of understanding that our help is always there, we are never alone in our journey, and nothing can stop you with faith by your side. Full of emotion and something you can only describe as experience, the song in a whole is a touching musical testimony of finding peace through faith. Find more from Rev Peter Unger at and check out the single "Only Heaven Knows".

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