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Unsigned and Indepdent Artists Expand Their Brands!

Submit your story, press or biography and get featured on Longé Magazine. Go to to submit your information. Be prepared to submit your information by having a picture, biography, social media, and based on your category (5 pictures for designers) or music Link for musicians.

Business Owners
As a business owner getting press is critical to consumer knowing about your product or services. Get your business featured and reach more clients. Submit your well-written press release and let Longe assist in helping your business touch a new set of consumers that is right for your niche market.

Fashion Designers

Feature your collection on Longé Magazine and let our follower see your talent. Submit your story to get more footage. Getting featured as a designer can mean meeting the potential contact needed to get to the next level. Designers who are interested in submitting their collection will need five(5) pictures, biography, logo, social media links, and collection title.


Let the world know about your music and what is going with you as a musician. Submit your music, biography, picture, streaming/social media platforms, and other press information. Getting news coverage is very important for a musician career. Musician get your story together and submit it to Longé Magazine and get featured.


All others can submit their story as well. If you're interested in being featured on Longé Magazine, submit your story. Companies or individuals interested in being featured need a picture, bio, and social media links.

To submit your story go to the following link Magazine looks forward to reviewing great stories.

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