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Gaddafi's Ties To the CIA

Recently Minister Louis Fharrakahn made vield threats to President Obama for U.S actions in Libya in establishing a no fly zone by way of a UN Security Council resolution to protect protestors whom Gaddafi had threaten to slaughter those whom he called "rats".

Minister Fharrakhan and others in the Black media has mostly condmened the US's role in the establishing the no-fly stone and said that the media was making Gaddafi look bad in order to justify military intervention. Minister Farrakhan even said that the CIA was behind the dissent in the north African country.

Considering that Gaddafi has done alot of good in Africa but at the same time started working with the Bush administration in 2004 to prevent fighters from Libya from entering Iraq and Afghanistan to fight coalition forces make this a very complex issue. Since Farrakhan also recieved a interest free 5 million dollar personal loan from Gaddafi, complicates the perception that he has the ability to be objective.

While many in the Black Community agree that the United States and its European allies should not be engaging the Libyan military. The President of Gambia recently blamed the African Union's inability or unwillingness to mediate between rebels in Libya and other North African countries where civil unrest is at a boiling point, for giving non-African countries the lead in intervening while the AU plays "second-fiddle".

Program note: In an effort to be fair and balanced, Mr. T. West of Afrisynergy will appear on Black Talk Radio News, Views & Music on March 28, 2011 at 9 PM EST to present his opinion and analysis of this complex issue.

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