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Free Spoken Word & Roots Reggae Fusion Download! Can I Get A Amen? by Kamal Imani

Free Spoken Word Poetry and Roots Dub Reggae Song by Kamal.

Could I get an AMEN?

You and I must either elevate into new psycho spiritual socio economic and afro communal paradigms, or rust-- into the complacent dust- of oblivion.

Begining with the multiverse of self, we must realize the universal interdependence of us on all other peoples and, of all other peoples on everyone else.

Could I get an AMEN?

See, we plunged hook line and sinker for the bait of individualism materialism which leads to unconscious narcissism and in some cases that new ish called bi-polarism and/or schitzophrenia

While, thousands of years ago ancient aboriginal people predicted that in these last days and times of the devils rule we would need to ascend to a state of individual and collective PEACE!

But in this new and emerging paradigm, many of us will still feel the narcissistic urge for the utltra attention of others to the point where- we want to show out!
We want to show our ass, via a lack of coof and class on reality television.
A plasma screen which is still telling lies to your vision.
We want to be pimps bitches and hoes, artificial friends and foes
and the point of it all, no one really knows-Could I get an AMEN?
besides the fact that people need a scapegoat and need to exercise the pyschological term known as projection.
meaning, we need some ignorant jackass to laugh at and talk about so that we can feel like we are better than them.
While they disgrace their ancestors, children and race by talking out of their asses and defacating, out of their faces.

But I digressed,
and what is my point?

While we are waiting on the messiah and some of us the manchurian candidate
to approve, sanction and redirect our fate...
We didn't really here Mary Mary
as they said that there is a God in Us.
and being that there is a God in us,
We need to get off of our gludius maximuses
light some fire to our own backsided complacencies
and combust!
out of our comfort zones
and find our way back home
to a time when
to a time when
we worked and played as a righteous goal oriented community
and was ever reconstructing new institutions for the benefit of the dead the living and the unborn.
Yeah yall c'mon!
and network alot
when our people get shot
Christmas and Easter and your favorite store in the mall and vacation spot you must boycott.
Could I get an AMEN? Can we get a little respect up in here?
and stop, putting the party before the collective work and responsibilty.
That's ass backwards.
First put in the work and then celebrate your sacrifice and success.
and then and only then should you walk around talking about you're blessed.
Because to whom much is given much is required
So get back into the spiritual and communal field
and do the work that the Creator put you here for.
You got the Job You're hired!

Could I get an AMEN?

Written and Produced by Kamal Imani aka Kamal Supreme
To book Kamal for live shows contact Mr. Kevin Barksdale at 201-923-9213
For more info and music from Kamal go to

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c2011 Kamal Imani

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