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Fredrick Jermaine Carter Mississippi Hanging Update & Does Bob Johnson Get A Ghetto Pass for Making Billions?

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Brother Ron of W.E. A.L.L B.E News & Radio issued an important update on the Mississippi hanging of Fredrick Jermaine Carter. Brother Ron has been constant contact with Mr. Carter’s mother, Mrs. Carter-Evans who gave W.E. A.L.L. B.E. an exclusive interview and update on her sons case. We will share that information and the call to action being issued to grassroots activists all over the world to put pressure on the State of Mississippi and its Governor Haley Barbor.

Scotty Reid aka One Black Man was joined by Chef Rob aka Wheelock to discuss those who have done and are still doing a tremendous disservice to the Black community in the name of the almighty dollar. No, we are not talking about pulpit pimp Creflo Dollar who said he would shoot people who did not tithe but we are talking about Bob Johnson, media mogul, former Charlotte Bobcats owner, Steve Urkel lookalike and now hotel builder in Liberia. Myself and Chef Rob were discussing whether or not Bob Johnson should be held up as a role model in the Black community after he contributed heavily to the promotion of negative images and destructive programming to the Black community only to then sell it to Viacom and a seat on their board.

It was brought to my attention that Kalagenesis, a divisive Internet Black radio host who is a self-appointed so-called guardian of the Black community who likes to denigrate Black Americans because they do not desire to move to Africa or someother issues he doesn’t agree with. It then seemed that Mr. Kala wanted to pick a fight by leaving negative comments on my FB profile about an article written by Paul Porter of Industry Ears, a former guest on this show who recently wrote a satirical blog titled “Who’s Driving That Black Radio Slave Ship?” Tonight the tables are turned as Mr. Kala gets called out for his buffoonery and coonery on the Blog Talk Radio slave ship.

One Black Man puts it all out there and tells it like it really is. You may be offended so put the children to bed and slap on a pair of headphones and tune in.

One Black Man's View is a online radio program that examines global, national and regional North Carolina issues social/political issues through the lens of Scotty Reid aka One Black Man. One Black Man's View was launched in July of 2007 and became one of the top political programs on Blog Talk Radio. It is now streamed live on the Black Talk Radio Network and a variety of other online Black social networks.

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