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Dunja World’s Latest Single Of Unity, “One” Is Now Available on iTunes

Rising pop star Dunja World has released her newest single “One” on iTunes. The song is about peace and how humans belong to one race. “One” combines simple yet powerful lyrics with an instrumental body and classic new age synth tone. Dunja’s voice with rich vibrato will definitely touch the heart of listeners and inspire them to spread hope in every possible way.  

Who is Dunja World?

Dunja Vukosavovic or more popularly known as Dunja World is a growing artist who is driven by one goal – to inspire and unite her listeners through her music. Dunja is a civil war survivor. She came to New York in 1999 with very little money and no family and friends to depend on. Dunja didn’t give up and instead used this opportunity to accumulate a wide range of skill set including TV, film and commercial scoring with established music producers and directors. Her hard work paid off, and she eventually got gigs in prominent venues like the White House and Archdiocese of New York.

Dunja started playing the piano when she was five years old. She used writing music as a tool of escape from reality and coping with her mother’s illness. Her father used to compose songs during World War II to cope with the disorder happening around them. He sang some melodies and Dunja wrote them down.

Dunja creates songs that have a message to inspire people. She is also a trained pianist and composer, so she has a strong foundation in theory of music. She admires artists who have an impact and have something interesting to say. Dunja has joined many competitions since her childhood and won composition prizes and piano competitions mostly in Europe. She has also performed at various venues associated with ONE Foundation events.

Dunja is motivated by many situations, but what inspires her the most is preserving the sense of peace amidst many life calamities. She has overcome so much, including escaping from war and coming to a foreign country with no support. According to Dunja, she’s not trying to become another popular singer. She only wants people to be inspired by the message of her songs. She feels a sense of accomplishment when her songs touch people in some ways. Dunja strives to live life with purpose and believes that peace can be achieved. She wants to contribute to this goal through her songs.

Download “One” on iTunes

Dunja World penned “One” with hopes of spreading the message of peace not only to her listeners but throughout the world as well. The song is produced by Jimmy Brawlower. Dunja provided the main vocals for the song. The one on background vocals and guitar is Jimmy Gale. The music video reflects the song’s simplicity. The lyrics are displayed on the video, and it’s the only moving part, so it adds to the peaceful theme that the song aims to create. The song’s lyrics are short, making them easy to understand and translate to another language.

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