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DooBoyCoy Drops New Album "The Flesh Must Die"

The Flesh Must Die is an album about DooBoyCoy trying to get rid of Slick. You can’t open new doors doing things old ways.
In 2005 my motto was scratch over snatch. 
In 2010 my motto was stash and learn or crash and burn.
2020 my motto is But GOD. 
Nobody but GOD could have saved a sinner like me. 
My street name and former alias was Slick Smart. My first album came out in 2005 tilted Scratch over Snatch. I quit rapping because I was living the life and I didn’t think it was smart to be rapping about how we were really living. I chose the trap or it chose me. But eventually a different choice had to be made. Do I wanna grow for my children or continue to live in this curse.
Slick Smart was somebody I created because everyone was constantly trying to manipulate me to play me and I was constantly praying to GOD for wisdom and knowledge because it’s all I ever prayed for. DooBoyCoy is my real name now and me trying to step into my true self. See my whole life on the other side the streets would always try to make me the DooBoy and naturally I didn’t allow that. I went against the grain and stood alone most the time.  But now I will do anything for GOD. What other OG but JESUS. We riding for the Kingdom and we ain’t suckas.  My name is DooBoyCoy and this message was approved but the mission ain’t mine. All glory goes to The Most High

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