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XI da' MC was born in Riverside, CA but grew up in Dallas, TX until

the ripe young age of 11 when his mother relocated to Fresno, CA. XI's

love and passion for music was instilled in him by his grandfather who

was a piano player and songwriter. His mother was also a music addict

who loved every genre from rnb to rock n roll giving XI an eclectic

musical range. His love for artist like Stevie Wonder and Donny

Hathaway were quickly overshadowed as hip hop artist like Big Daddy

Kane and Public Enemy came to the forefront. The culture shock of

moving from Dallas to California deepened his desire for storytelling.

Fresno offered a harsh reality of crime and drugs that XI was

previously shielded from in Dallas but quickly opened his eyes to in

his new surroundings.


By the time XI reached High School he had been in and out of juvenile

hall, group homes and at one point even faced 10 years in the

California Youth Authority for various crimes. At the age of 17 he was

placed in a foster home where he switched his focus back to music

forming a group with his cousin and neighborhood friend called "The

Mobb". Which proved to have its successes but the death of one of XI's

closest friends forged a fork in the road of life for him once more.

Feeling himself slip back into his past ways XI started to see Fresno

as a death trap and felt the need to escape for the sake of saving his

own life.


In 2002 XI move to Las Vegas, NV and quickly put everyone on notice

that he was an elite MC and was unafraid to showcase his talents

anywhere. Rather that meant in front of a 7-11, attracting crowd's on

the street or forming close friendships with other aspiring artist

such as Ran Blacc. Highlights of XI's first experiences in Las Vegas

as far as music is concerned have to be appearing on 3 standout tracks

from 2003's Las Vegas, city wide, compilation "Tha Hustlation" and

collaborated with Houston based artist Markeyz on 2 track's from his

2003 album. In 2004 XI abruptly walked away from the music scene to

focus on fatherhood and supporting his family. In 2009 becoming more

and more frustrated with the music that was being released, XI

gradually felt the urge pulling at him to get back to making music,

performing at open mic club's and doing collaboration's with other

artists. In 2010 XI met an up and coming artist by the name of

Beneficial and immediately got to work recording a joint album titled

"The So Official Project" that was released in 2011. XI and Beneficial

then officially formed the group B.L.A.K Fist Society and released

"Rhythm &Victory" in early 2012.


As B.L.A.K Fist Society, XI and Beneficial built up a following and

were invited to perform at the 2012 Filipino Festival opening up for

artist's such as: Brother J, X-Clan and Masta Ace. As well as in 2013

B.L.A.K Fist Society opened up for legendary Hip Hop veteran KRS ONE.

After a bad car accident in late 2013, breaking one of his ribs, XI

bounced back by releasing his first solo project appropriately titled

"Back to Work" in 2014. XI also reunited his old friend Ran Blacc who

had formed his own company, Crown Republik Ent, and joined forces as

an artist and Director of Music. Since joining Crown Republik XI has

appeared on Ran Blacc's "Me Myself & I", "The Feline Theory" and

"Crown Republik The Mixtape Vol. 2" projects. In 2016 XI released his

second solo album "Hunger Pains" and collaborated on RuBee Red's "Rose

from Concrete" NIN's "No Introductions Needed" as well as appearing on

2 tracks and writing a song, "Renewed Minds", for fellow Fresno artist

Honest Jaye.

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