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More than just a record label RapXchange is a platform for a movement that started in the late 70’s in the state of New York USA. Since then it has spread worldwide cultivating a sound that now dominates the pop charts. In its original form back then when DJ’s would cut break beats whilst MC’s rapped it was all about good times and was relatively simple. From the mid 80’s onwards Rap developed into hip hop lyricism. With the arrival of the MPC amongst other drum machine samplers in the late 80’s the sound became established and never looked back.

Now we live in an era where this music has become an essential part of big city culture spawning many beat makers alongside lyricists who nurture a scene where true lyricism and heavy beats still form the foundation of this art form we call Rap.

RapXchange is an independent label that collaborates with talented artists and producers worldwide. This label forms lasting networks that facilitate fresh sounds and fly collaborations. Constantly building, Rapxchange is a refreshing platform for the dopest sounds, housing artists and producers of unique quality.

Instagram: @rapXchangeofficiallabel
Twitter: @XchangeRap
Facebook: RapXchange
YouTube: RapXchange

DTN - Initium
DTN - Drift 4 You
Eternal + DTN - Wudan Swordsmen
DTN - Whats The Meaning Of Dopeness?
 KG-Chi - Evil
WhoDat + KG-Chi + Anyway Tha God - Elephant In Da Room
 RXC - 2020 Lockdown
 RapXchange YouTube

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