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I Got B*tches


Paper Clique Entertainment has been making some major moves since they entered the entertainment industry as a group just over a year ago. MC’s J.Kord (Justin Kord), $ire (Jacob Kord) and Ruben Ocean (Ruben Licorish) grew up together in Timmins, Ontario where they were hosting parties and events, going to school together and living the bachelor life long before all of this music began. It was in high school when the three MC’s realized they all shared the same passion for music. The group began spending all of their nights in the studio they had built in the basement of J.Kord & $ire’s childhood home. At one point, $ire and Ruben were still in High school while J.Kord had graduated, the trio would spend all of their nights in the studio working on new songs until the morning and then when the two would get back from school, finding J.Kord either asleep in the studio from working all night and day, or still up working on the next song was a very common occurrence. In 2012, the three friends officially formed Paper Clique Entertainment, Ruben Ocean began producing for the brothers.

Coming from a small city in northern Ontario; Timmins, a city with a music scene that hasn't produced many breakthrough artists to date, the group doesn't have any mentors or idols from their city besides the Legendary Country Music Icon Shania Twain who’s long and successful career looms over their heads. Coming from where they come from, most would say the odds are against them, nevertheless, Paper Clique expresses great confidence in what they have to offer. With their own unique style of music, Paper Clique is riding in their own lane as the group is on their way to becoming the next big thing out of Canada, they plan to always represent the City of Gold that raised them, wherever they go. Their Singles "God Damn", "You Know It’s 5 O’Clock" and "I Got B*tches" have amassed over 18 million views combined on media sites such as WorldStar and YouTube, etc.. They have recently re-released their original offering “Owl God” a collaborative project which found J.Kord displaying some of his intricate flows, melodies and clever wordplay over some of Ruben Ocean’s bass-thumping, bone crunching also offers several features from Paper Clique Entertainment Artist, $ire

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