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Check Out Garfield Ave By KazeLoon


Garfield Ave


Jason D. Yonai a.k.a KazeLoon or Kamikaze Loon or Dj KazeLoon from Original East Los Angeles/Monterey Park has just released Garfield Ave mixtape this month with various producers. KazeLoon has uploaded Garfield Ave the mixtape online on various free download music websites. All songs from this project Garfield Ave the mixtape have been previously been leaked online to various free download music sites online prior to this mixtape official release at Get Right Music artwork for the Garfield Ave mixtape done by GR Flyers.

KazeLoon has made this mixtape called Garfield Ave for the street he grew up on and has lived on for many years starting at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall in the 90's.
KazeLoon has hosted well over 100 mixtapes online for himself and for some of his clients or business partners. KazeLoon has collaborated with well over a thousand
producers in the Music Industry and the number could be vaguely put because the number of producers could be more in the multiple thousands and many of these producers are gold,platinum, or multi-platinum producers as well.

You can download for free the mixtape right here online just follow the link

Name: Jason D. Yonai a.k.a KazeLoon
Company: KazeLoon Records & K.D Lean Inc.

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1 - Blessedfreestylebykazeloonprodbyreptilian
2 - Blessingsfreestylebykazeloonthehitkingz
3 - Cashinoutfreestylebykazeloonthehitkingz
4 - Chamelionnewtonfreestylebykazeloonprodbydeereesesoundsbycoop.wdp
5 - Crash136freestyle(reverbed)bykazeloonprodbygametheoryproductions
6 - Damnfreestyle(reverbed)bykazeloonprodbywestberry
7 - Danddfreestylebykazeloonprodbydeereesedeeaye
8 - Dopetrapfreestylebykazeloonlaloproductions
9 - Erapart2freestylebykazeloonprodbydeereeseyounglbeats
10 - Exodusfreestylebykazeloonprodbyjaypluss
11 - Freedomfreestylebykazeloonprodbyjuliang
12 - Maybefreestylebykazeloonprodbyinfectbeats
13 - Mymoneyfreestylebykazeloonprodbymrgoodgoeshard
14 - Robafakeniqqafreestylebykazeloonprodbydrewskisosa
15 - Robocopfreestylebykazeloonprodbytribevega
16 - Rockit(sheluvmyroccet)freestylebykazeloonprodbygeniusboy
17 - Tokyofreestylebykazeloonprodbynikkblvkkcanismajor
18 - Trapautotunefreestylebykazeloonprodbyyounglbeatsdeereese
19 - Trapperzdelightfreestylebykazeloonprodbynephilam
20 - Trappinoutfreestylebykazeloonprodbydeereesemalldidit

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