Blush Unseen Is Making Noise In The Indie Scene With Their Single "The Red Score"

Blush Unseen is a music project based in Turin, Italy. Its sound blurs the lines between the melodies of indie pop and the energy of alternative rock.
The name is inspired by a line from Gray's poem "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" meaning that sometimes greatness or beauty occurs without being noticed.
The project is the brainchild of songwriter Vittorio Longo (Turin, 1993), who set out to use his music as a mean of self-expression, as well as communicating through emotions.
This completely DIY project is all about full creative range with no limitations, as the artist exercises complete control over the whole creative process. His songs have multiple layers that really add life and character to them, exploring different ideas and genre definitions. 
Find out more about Blush Unseen and do not miss out on the artist’s releases, activities, events, and more.

Check Out The Video Today!!!

The Red Score is Available on All Major Digital Distribution Platforms. Find all links on Blush Unseen's Official Website CLICK HERE

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