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And You Don't Even Come At Me Like That-I"m A New Creature!

Kamal Emanuel ©2012 I’m a New Creature (Who Do You Think You’re Talking To Like That?) Apparently, you didn’t get the memo For you to be coming at me like that Talking out your neck with that blankety blank and yakety yak Like you some kind of boss or ghetto superstar You talking loud and saying nothing Cause all I hear is Blah Blah Blah! See I’m a new creature! Christ sent me an invitation to the kingdom and said “I am the door” and “Behold, I make all things new” Now Momma aint raise no fool I saw the light and walked on through! I had a breakthrough Now I’m spreading my wings And getting my life together And here come you. With your unsolicited advice But who you talking to? That dude is dead, that dude you knew? He dead man. He gone! I left him in my past life With your conventional wisdom and worldly jargon Your attitude manifest a heart that is hardened Acting all sanctified, but I…beg your pardon Telling me about your accomplishments With your egotistical pride I tried to tell you that I’m good- But apparently… you misunderstood Cause you just kept on with your self aggrandizement But you aint no consultant and I aint make an appointment? See I’m a new creature, but you to blind to see my divine anointment You need to join me in prayer, contemplation, bible study and meditation So that we can build together on a higher vibration. Cause this new creature only responds to spiritual communication I’m a new creature So don’t be coming at me like that! Bless the Mic/RevolutinaryArt Innertainment Bless the Mic Magazine online

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