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If you ever shopped at a Dollar Tree grocery store, you’ll immediately relate to this instant-classic! Producing the beat added some extra harlem flare and Alfa highlights the contrast between a past and present version of himself. In one universe, he shopped at Dollar Tree. In the other universe, he is the tree. Alfa goes on a calm rampage emphasizing his stance as one of the best and most slept on artist New York.Background:07’ - 08’ Alfa Blvck was one of an elite few teenagers that produced music during the very early stages of “lite feet” — a phenomenal, harlem-based dance style that spread across the world and was picked up by multiple celebrities. Alfa’s record was picked up and spun on Hot97, and Chris Brown even danced to one of his songs and the video is on YouTube. Alfa attended Brother Edmund Rice school for boys and was in the same graduating class as fellow Rice Raider and current point guard for the Charlotte Bobcats, Kemba Walker. Other notable mentions is Gui Dasilva, a classmate that danced in Alfa’s early videos. He went on to become a stunt double for Black Panther and has played many other roles as well as been a backup dancer for many celebrities, mainly Chris Brown. Alfa’s name at the time was Ra Dolla.

To this day, if you ask any major dancer or early influencer from Harlem who Ra Dolla is, they may be able to reference two or three favorites.So what happen?2008-2013: At the height of his hype, Alfa went to college. He had a single mother and was on the honor roll. His good grades made his mom indifferent towards him pursuing a music career, even if he was on radio or being spun at every EBC basketball tournament in the city. While attending school, Alfa threw a bunch of legendary parties. At the very first party, he walked in on DJ Jeremy Rictor playing his song at an Alpha Kappa Alpha party. It took a second for the DJ to comprehend he was playing the guy standing in front of him. Alfa calmly decided to drop out in his junior year and threw parties full time. It was good money and free promo. Alfa won every hip hop show he was a part of. Including, but not limited to, a faux Apollo show hosted by the PSU chapter of the NAACP. Alfa once out-rapped a man during a competition to perform during Blue & White weekend, a major football weekend at PSU. At the final performance, it was Alfa and the guy he was up against. He lost to the noise-measurer when they asked the crowd who was best, even after I washed him on stage.

Afterwards, his frat brothers all approached me and said they thought I was better but they had to cheer for their frat bro. So correction, that’s the only competition he loss.Still reading? Sweet.Currently: Album on Spotify, 5 mixtapes, millions of streams. Interested in rap-world domination. Alfa Blvck IS, by far, the most sensational artist to emerge from Harlem. When they mentioned the “Kendricks” and the “Coles” they were talking about Alfa Blvck... a force to be reckoned with in his own right by any one who calls themself a artist. Alfa records and engineers all of his music.


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