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I am convinced that every woman has a list of things they want in a man and things they absolutely CANNOT stand about a man. There are some things a woman could look past but there are also things that is a DEAL-BREAKER and it is absolutely okay for a woman to know exactly what she wants, just like it is okay for a man to know exactly what he wants because I am not a man with a pair of balls between my legs I can't speak for a man but I could sure as hell speak for a woman.

First and foremost, no woman wants a little BOY , you know those annoying ass boys that be trying to talk to you like you're a little thot girl. Hitting you with greetings like:


"Wa pop"

extremely annoying and childish, what happened to approaching a woman with respect and class. What happened to:

"Hello, how are you today?"  these little boys think it's corny and they rather try to have their "swag" on and end up sounding stupid as hell and getting curved.

What is even more annoying is when they refer to women as bitches; let's be clear a bitch is a female dog and when a female dog start getting getting bad, that bitch gets put to sleep. So when "men" try to list bad bitches as their wife--goals I get ignorant and think "Y'all tryna fuck with a female canine though for real"

We live in a world where everybody seems to be caught up on looks and it's okay to have a particular taste that you prefer over the other: not everybody likes peppermint, or chocolate but when you start to make somebody feel like they would NEVER find love because of their appearance that becomes a problem. Don't praise one thing and dog another, have your type and keep it moving.

  1. He needs to know what the word LOYALTY means; it is NOT okay for a man to have his woman and then go out and recruit other females on the side, having your lady looking stupid for no reason. If a "man" isn't ready to be tied down he should be single and enjoy his hoe--ish life style without ruining somebody's life. It's so annoying when "men" have a good thing going and they take advantage of her love for him and goes out and does something incredibly stupid just because he knows that she probably isn't leaving. If he's not ready to be with one chick he needs to leave and be single, point blank period.
  2. He needs to have a job & NO, SELLING DRUGS DOES NOT COUNT. Us women want to see those T4's (Canada) or W2's (United States) coming in. We need to know you paying your taxes just like the rest of us. There's nothing more of a write off then a grown ass man who is sitting around on that Playstation from day in to day out. I don't care if the man is asking paper or plastic, he needs to have a LEGAL and STEADY job. I understand things get difficult and a man loses his job and stuff get difficult but he needs to be motivated to get some money in the household legally.
  3. He needs to have AMBITION, a short- term goal and a long- term goal. No woman wants to be with a man who is stuck on neutral. All that will do is bring her down and no woman wants a man who is gonna bring her down. A woman wants a man that's gonna lift her up and build a empire with her.
  4. RESPONSIBLE; we don't need no loose cannon as man who doesn't know how to take care of his business regardless, if it's with kid's, baby mother or even his sex game. We can't have a man just jacking off full bullets and not taking responsibility. No woman wants a man who isn't taking care of his kids and hits you with excuses as to why something isn't getting done.
  5. He needs to COMMUNICATE WITH YOU; there's nothing more annoying than a man who has no fucking communication skills. Instead of expressing why he is angry or feels a certain way he shuts you out and creates all this unnecessary friction and drama to  the relationship. When a man decides to be with a woman he needs to commit to opening up and talking to her just as she should with him. But shutting down does nothing but creates space and distance and that's not what a man needs especially if he is going through something.
  6. CONSISTENCY; is so important. Who wants to bother with a man who is all for you one second and then out of no where he begins to fall off and expects you to chase him all the way down. That's why I feel like it takes men a bit longer to know what they want than woman because a man would enjoy a woman until the feelings begin to set in and be begins back tracking out of fear or something and he falls off to where he could go back to his safe place, being that single man. He likes the thought of relationship but isn't sure. If you aren't sure, stay single until you are... it's not rocket science.
  7. Why does it seem like men are afraid to show a little AFFECTION?  If they do, they are considered whipped or soft? Why isn't it okay for a man to embrace the love he has for his lady. It is so important to show love to the woman you love or are growing to love. People are so corny.. who wants to be a closet love somebody you only embrace behind closed doors, why? What is there to be ashamed about, if everybody already knows you're together... why not flaunt your love and show the world that you're happy. I found that very weird, I've always been a P.D.A kind of chick and I get sometimes it could get a little hot and heavy and uncomfortable for the public but don't no woman want a man who isn't okay with embracing her as his significant other.
  8. Meh nuh want NO BORING MAN! *yaaaaawn! Have you ever met one of those guys that was serious all the time and didn't want to do nothing fun or the conversation with them as a snooze fest! Oh My Gosh the worst. Life is waay to short to be boring, it is time to be spontaneous do things, open your eyes to new adventures and create some amazing memories. Imagine being in your house all the time looking into each other's face... the absolute most boring thing ever. The flame could burn out just that quickly, there are a lot of people that bore easily and you have to know how to switch it up and let your hair down... or in a man's case, let his balls breathe!
  9. SUPPORTIVE; I can't stress this one enough! A man is so used to being the breadwinner that if the woman becomes the breadwinner or so happens to make more money he becomes the worst. Not all men, but there are some. They feel like they are being emasculated and they begin to catch a attitude. We need to let those gender roles thing go, sometimes it's okay for mama to get the bacon while daddy stays home with the kids for a bit and vice versa. It doesn't have to be the man all the time. It begins to be competition and lovers should be team mates... not competitors. No woman wants a man that she has to compete with and walk around on sea shells about her success, he should be able to embrace her success and she should be able to embrace his. Win- Win. Everybody has a off- season but there is always room for a come back so Support is very important to keep a relationship strong regardless of what is being supported, maybe it isn't a gender role maybe it is a decision. There just needs to be a full fledged understanding and support coming from both parties.
  10. RESPECT; sooo fucking important. If a man don't respect you then why you even with him. A woman needs to feel like her man has her best interests at heart and will NEVER harm her! I can't stand when a man feel like it's okay to over power a woman because he's the man... like that means anything. Being a man don't mean nothing but you got some extra meat between your leg and you got something different going on physically, some men act more like females than women do and some try to be to much of a man where they feel like they're invincible and in sight of all that lose respect for their girlfriend. Start treating her like she is supposed to play a certain position and if she don't start beating on her or something crazy like that.  Once a man put his hand on a woman and start abusing her, he lost all respect for her. No woman should be in a situation where her Prince Charming is also the man she is fearing. If he doesn't see your value and your worth, it is not the relationship for you. A man has to have respect for his woman and I would like to say "treat his lady how he would treat his mother" but I think it would be more effective to say "Treat your woman how you would want a young man to treat your daughter" because when a man has a girl child then papa bear comes out and you really feel it because the as a father knows the world is full of slime ball men and he isn't gonna want his daughter to go through that so the way he wants his daughter to be treated is how he should treat his lady.  A man needs to respect for any type of relationship to go anywhere because without it , there is no relationship.
  11. TRUSTWORTHY; aren't you tired of those insecure ass men always questioning EVERYTHING you do possibly because of some shit their ex did. Listen fellas, if you are still caught up on some old shit that your ex did then why you in a new relationship bringing all that bullshit in it?

Or... if this woman did some crazy shit and you jumping like a alley cat eveytime something going down.. why you still with her so fast. Not trusting your spouse will drive you up the wall and possibly ruin the relationship now I hear it now "OHH DONT ACT LIKE YOU GIRLS DON'T DO THAT AND FOR NO REASON TO" like I stated at the top of his blog; I am not speaking for men because I am not one and yes I know females could be very jealous and it could get a little hectic but that's a whole different conversation. Let's talk about these men who allow their trust issues really fuck shit up... if you can sense that he has trust issues, don't get yourself into that because if you see it and you jump in it anyways... you lost your sympathy card. The signs were there.

If you don't have trust, you wasting a shit load of time and time is to limited and to precious to be wasted.

12. CREATIVITY; what makes you different from the rest? Such a common question now... Just like a job position or anything you have to stand out and really show that you can offer a different experience from the other men. It is always a goal to be the ONE SHE NEVER FORGETS in many more ways than one. Keep her thinking about you; keep her coming back for more.... you think it's insane when a man can't get a woman off his brain... get a woman hooked and it's TIMES TWO!

*if you have any to add or there is something you didn't see up here... hit the comment section and let me know but I think I may have covered all bases for the most part

OX Lee <3

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